Fluke ScopeMeter® 123 Series Version 1 Firmware Upgrade

A firmware upgrade for ScopeMeter test tool 120 Series is available, which gives you the following additional functions:

  • The new firmware provides probe settings 20:1 and 200:1 for the DP120 differential probe. The 1000:1 probe setting has been canceled.
  • In the previous firmware the print function only supports A4 paper format
  • Probe settings 1000:1, 10 mV/mA, and 0.1 mV/A have been added.
  • When a temperature or diode measurement is trendplotted, and the Fluke123 is switched off and on again, the vertical scaling information is shown.
  • The trigger icon in VIDEO mode is automatically set to negative edge ( ) at VIDEO POLARITY POSITIVE, and to positive edge ( ) at VIDEO POLARITY NEGATIVE. This reflects the actual trigger edge.
  • The following bug has been solved: 
    Set Input B OFF, select TRENDPLOT, press HOLD, press V Hz A (INPUT B MEASUREMENTS menu), press right arrow key (MEASURE on B), press F4 (ENTER), press F4 (YES, restart TRENDPLOT); TRENDPLOT is restarted now, but the display still shows HOLD in V01.03 and lower.

Upgrading Version V1.00, V1.02, V1.03 or V1.04 to Version V1.08

Instruments with firmware version V1.0x  are field upgradable free of charge.
Please contact the Fluke service department for firmware updates on this product.

FlashTool Software requirements:

  • Fluke 123 Series ScopeMeter, with firmware version V1.00, V1.02, V1.03 or V1.04 (See Firmware Level Check below);
  • A PC, running Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT 4.0, XP or Vista, with a free RS-232 or USB port to perform the software installation;
  • PM9080 or OC4USB (RevII) optically isolated serial interface cable (as included with the ScopeMeter 123/S model and with the SCC-120 kit) for data interconnection between the PC and the instrument

Firmware Level Check 

Press USER OPTIONS and F3 [VERSION & CAL …] on your ScopeMeter to check its firmware version.

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