Fluke Integrated Condition Monitoring for IBM Maximo incorporates real-time asset data to enable condition-based maintenance

Lighthouse Program gives Maximo users a head start in adding condition monitoring to their existing systems

EVERETT, Wash., Aug. 6, 2019 – IBM Maximo is the world’s leading enterprise asset management (EAM) solution allowing companies to improve uptime, reduce costs, and minimize risk. It is the ideal way to aggregate data from many sources into one system to streamline operations. Today, Fluke is adding condition monitoring data to IBM Maximo with Integrated Condition Monitoring for Maximo, a new solution that incorporates real-time asset data within existing IBM Maximo workflows.

“IBM and Fluke are committed to improving maintenance reliability for companies across the globe,” said Candi Robison, IoT business unit leader, IBM Industrial Market US. “We are partnering to integrate Fluke condition monitoring sensor data and IBM Maximo to move current IIoT technology forward. Our collaboration will have a lasting impact on predictive maintenance programs in the future.”

“Unplanned downtime is more than a nuisance — the cost can be significant and reallocating technicians from their normal tasks to deal with it is disruptive to maintenance programs,” said David O’Reilly, president of Fluke Digital Systems. “By integrating Fluke condition monitoring asset data into IBM Maximo, reliability and maintenance teams have a singular solution to monitor real-time and historical data and receive alerts no matter where they are to stay ahead of failures and reduce costly downtime.”

With Integrated Condition Monitoring for Maximo, reliability and maintenance teams can:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime — continuous asset condition data enables early warning of potential faults and failures, allowing teams to eliminate expensive, unplanned downtime and move to planned downtime reducing or eliminating the impact to production.
  • Better maintain assets and decrease maintenance costs — screen asset health via sensors that feed data into an asset management system, intermittent faults and failures can be caught rather than being missed, as is common in preventive maintenance programs.
  • Reduce data silos and increase communication across maintenance and reliability teams — by connecting information to a single system of record, the full team has visibility to real-time data and asset health warnings, allowing managers to analyze the situation and technicians to resolve issues.

Integrated Condition Monitoring for Maximo connects sensor data from Fluke Connect products to Maximo’s database in real time. However, it’s not the only Connected Reliability solution Fluke is launching for IBM Maximo.

Connect2Assets™ (formerly Fluke Connect2Assets) integrates thousands of pre-existing data points from SCADA/PLC systems into Maximo. Leveraging untapped data allows teams to optimize work order scheduling and respond to equipment failures faster.

Fluke Mobile (formerly Fluke Connect2Mobile) untethers maintenance teams by sending data to mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Providing technicians with on the spot data, documentation, spare parts inventory tracking, and guides ensures they have all the information they need in the palm of their hands.

Lighthouse Program is now open

Fluke is now taking applications for the Integrated Condition Monitoring for Maximo "Lighthouse Early Adopter Program.” IBM users can get a head start integrating Fluke Condition Monitoring asset data directly into Maximo. Connecting systems with ICM for Maximo allows maintenance and reliability teams to leverage sensor data — including alarms — to create actions in Maximo.

For more information on the early adopter program visit https://www.fluke.com/en-us/products/connected-reliability/suite-for-maximo.

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