Connect2Assets tools, sensors and condition monitoring software.

Tap into SCADA system data and set up automatic work orders

Connect2Assets gives you access to siloed data from SCADA systems. Designate work orders to trigger automatically when maintenance is needed. Save time and money on asset measurements by looking at SCADA data.

Integrate industrial data for better insights

Index existing automation systems against your EAM/CMMS solution, allowing software to intelligently monitor the equipment it manages. Without purchasing additional hardware, teams can track asset health by leveraging existing PLC/SCADA-generated, condition and process data points.


Optimize maintenance scheduling

Improved warranty compliance

Increase in equipment uptime

Faster time-to-action

Reduced maintenance cost


Let your SCADA system take measurements for you with eMaint and Connect2Assets

eMaint is an award-winning computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) that simplifies managing your reliability and maintenance programs.

Connect2Assets is a software that integrates data from SCADA, PLC, BMS, and similar systems into the eMaint CMMS.

Here’s how it works: eMaint connects to your SCADA system with the help of Connect2Assets—giving you access to temperature, water flow, pipe pressure, and more asset data without spending on costly test equipment and labor for measurements.

Once connected, you can choose a time interval, like every 24 hours, for Connect2Assets to record data. You can also decide when measurements are sent to eMaint. For example, if you have a motor with a normal temperature range of 0 – 100 degrees, you can tell Connect2Assets to send measurements to eMaint when temperature exceeds 100 degrees. Once this data is at your fingertips, you can take advantage of the eMaint features designed to streamline your move into condition-based maintenance.

Generate Automatic Work Orders with Condition-Based Maintenance

Together, eMaint features and data from SCADA evolve maintenance programs into Condition-Based Maintenance, a strategy for maintenance programs in which work is scheduled based on real-time asset data.

eMaint will generate work orders for you automatically when measurements meet your criteria.

Maintenance is performed on the right assets at the right time, rather than to a standard calendar that is not optimized for the needs of each piece of equipment. Too much maintenance introduces risk, and too little leads to breakdowns.

You can choose specific conditions that trigger work orders based on data from your SCADA system. An exception to a normal temperature range you set for a motor, say 101 degrees, will generate a work order for the asset with relevant information.

Learn More About How eMaint Simplifies Maintenance & Increases Uptime

Moving to condition-based maintenance with eMaint has been shown to reduce calendar-based preventive maintenance work orders by as much as 25%.

On increasing equipment uptime, one customer increased product capacity by 65% on critical assets thanks to eMaint SCADA integration.

Learn more about how eMaint CMMS solves your maintenance management problems.

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