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eMaint CMMS awarded Product of the Year three times and counting!

eMaint is an award-winning, global leader in computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) software. Using eMaint enables maintenance and reliability (M&R) teams to keep equipment operating at peak performance, increase reliability, and lower costs. M&R departments become a business value add when you can track asset or work order status, provide proof of regulatory compliance, or tighten up workflows.

Extend asset life

Track and gain visibility into asset health, risk, and performance across one or multiple locations. By tracking maintenance activities, organizations can boost productivity, optimize processes, and promote sustainable, safe business practices. ‍

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Support compliance

Comply with strict safety, health, quality, and environmental regulatory standards. eMaint empowers organizations to track asset history, produce detailed documentation, and capture inspection start/stop times.‍


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Improve efficiency

Increase work completion rate by scheduling work orders that are calendar-, meter-, and/or conditionbased. By recording and tracking all work orders, and assigning employees and procedures to jobs, your organization’s productivity will improve.

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eMaint has been part of the Fluke family since 2016 and is a powerful, cloud-based platform designed to increase uptime. Improve maintenance and reliability efforts by seamlessly connecting people, data, and systems. Manage assets, work orders, scheduling, procurement, and inventory from one intuitive and highly-configurable interface.

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