Connected reliability

Connected reliability is more than increasing uptime and decreasing maintenance costs. It's about ensuring that you grow your business and the value proposition by extending asset life and providing end-to-end connectivity.

Creating a roadmap of your connected reliability journey helps you navigate the emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market. The best connectivity solutions will integrate data, systems and teams.

A user checks data from condition monitoring sensors from a desktop.

What is connected reliability?

The industry is working toward a truly connected facility, from automatically aggregating data to enabling teams to make data-driven decisions. The technologies that make up the connected reliability space include:

Gain actionable insights from a connected facility that allows teams to access system and asset data while on the go.

An image referencing the cycle of connected reliability.

Connected reliability provides integrated data

Problems with data from disparate sources, which is often siloed and inaccessible, force some plants and facilities to operate without complete insight into equipment health. Once data from all sources is integrated for a total view of all assets and systems, teams can collaborate, share information and make better decisions using that connectivity.

Connected reliability requires inclusivity. Software solutions must have open architectures to extend the life of existing infrastructure investments. Mobile hardware must deliver new levels of affordability. With this inclusivity, organizations can extend coverage to more assets.

Screen captures of data from different connected devices.
The ladder of reliability programs leading to a prescriptive maintenance program.

Connected reliability empowers teams

A complete connected reliability framework will economically and efficiently meet M&R teams where they are in the reliability journey. With comprehensive and fully integrated data driven by technology and software, mobile connectivity can be achieved, allowing teams to have everything they need in one location. Teams using a connected reliability framework are empowered to make decisions, empowered with actionable data, and empowered with mobility to access data anywhere and at any time.

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