Fluke celebrates 75 years of continuous innovation, putting its customers first, and supporting its communities

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The company honors John Fluke’s legacy of giving customers ‘a little bit more than they paid for’ and always building toward the future

EVERETT, Wash., March 9, 2023 – In 1948, the John Fluke Engineering Company was founded in a basement workshop in Springfield, Conn. A U.S. Navy World War II veteran and graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, John Fluke pioneered a highly accurate benchtop power meter which was first sold to General Electric. That modest beginning 75 years ago is the foundation from which Fluke Corporation has risen to become the world leader in reliable, rugged test and measurement tools and software.

“John Fluke said ‘always give the customer a little bit more than they paid for,’ which is the philosophy that drives all of us at Fluke to create remarkable tools that improve efficiencies, keep equipment running, and ensure that the technicians who take the measurements can do so safely,” said Fluke Corporation President Jason Waxman. “Fluke has a long history of putting its customers first and producing tools and solutions that help them get their jobs done smarter, safer, and faster. Together we are building tomorrow.”

For 75 years, Fluke products have set the standard for accuracy, reliability, and safety, enabling the growth and operation of industry. Achievements like:

  • 8000A — the first low-cost, portable bench digital multimeter.
  • Terminal 10 – adopted by the National Bureau of Standards to validate accurate replication of national voltage standards.
  • 8020A — the world’s first practical handheld DMM. By the time it was retired in 1984, more than 250,000 had been sold.
  • Fluke lab accredited by NIST — The Fluke Primary Standards Lab was accredited in 1995 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and later by the Deutscher Kalibrierdeinst (DKD). It is one of only a few commercial calibration labs in the world to be so certified.
  • SMFT-1000 Solar Multifunction Tester – the world’s first integrated solution for solar tests that streamlines PV safety and quality inspections.

To accommodate the changing workforce, Fluke is combining the power of its tools and sensors with software to automate processes so its customers can keep their operations working at optimal efficiency.

Building a better community together

The legacy of Fluke includes working together to empower the people, technology, and sustainable practices that keep the world up and running by untapping potential and supporting inclusion and diversity in our industries and communities globally. Fluke accelerates its shared goal of a better community and world by:

  • Advancing sustainability at a global level.
  • Building and supporting a skilled workforce.
  • Extending educational opportunities through STEM.
  • Driving commitment to community engagement.

Already this year, Fluke has committed to invest in technical education and training with major grants at Washington State University, University of Washington, and the California non-profit We Care Solar.

The Fluke legacy of innovation was inspired by the people who are out there every day working to keep things up and running: technicians, electricians, engineers, and tradespeople. There will be many activities and stories throughout 2023. For more information on the Fluke Corporation’s 75th Anniversary, visit: www.Fluke.com/75years.

Fluke Corporation

For information on Fluke tools and applications or to find the location of a distributor, contact Fluke Corporation, P.O. Box 9090, Everett, WA 98206 USA, call (800) 44-FLUKE (800-443-5853), fax (425) 446-5116, email fluke-info@fluke.com, or visit the Fluke website at www.fluke.com.

About Fluke

Founded in 1948, Fluke Corporation is the world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools and software for measuring and condition monitoring. Fluke customers are technicians, engineers, electricians, maintenance managers, and metrologists who install, troubleshoot, and maintain industrial, electrical, and electronic equipment and calibration processes.

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