How to avoid buying Grey Market Fluke Tools

How to avoid buying Grey Market Fluke Tools

When you buy from an authorized Fluke distributor or directly from Fluke, you benefit from the original manufacturer’s warranty. Learn how to protect yourself from grey market products and counterfeit Fluke tools.

What are Grey Market products?

Grey market products may be tools, parts, and/or accessories sold outside of a company’s authorized distribution channels.  

Ensure your Fluke tools benefit from the manufacturer warranty

Customers should be aware that while Fluke products from grey market sellers may be genuine, these sellers may lack the capability to provide aftersales support and product training. Furthermore, customers take the risk that their purchases are not protected by the original manufacturer’s warranty. 

Fluke tools enjoy the full benefit of an original manufacturer’s warranty, but this protection is only available when the tool is purchased through an authorized source. When it comes to electrical safety, your tools must perform to the highest standard. That’s why Fluke products not only comply with but exceed the requirements of IEC standards. When you buy from an authorized distributor, or directly through Fluke, you ensure those safety standards and full manufacturer warranty are there for you. 

Often, grey market sellers will pick up inventory from another source and resell it to make a profit. However, the warranty services provided by Fluke can only be obtained in the country the tool was originally purchased from Fluke or from a local authorized Fluke distributor or reseller.  

Customers should be aware that only Fluke tools supplied by authorized distributors and resellers or directly from Fluke will be eligible for a product warranty, free-of-charge warranty repairs, and other services. 

How to spot a grey market seller

Recent advances with online shopping have made it easy for anyone to buy from online marketplaces, auction sites, or from sellers’ websites all over the world. These unauthorized resellers lead to grey market sales, or sales that go around the authorized distribution channels. These kinds of grey market sellers do not have a relationship with the original manufacturer of the tools since Fluke has not authorized these sellers. 

There are many grey market sellers retailing Fluke products at artificially low prices. If the price appears too good, this lower price should raise a red flag that the tool may be grey market or possibly counterfeit.  

As you’re shopping online, especially on websites that aggregate multiple sellers on one marketplace, double check where the seller is located and shipping from so you can be certain you are looking at genuine Fluke products being sold through one of our authorized distributors.

Authorized distributors

To ensure you purchase a genuine Fluke product, buy online or through one of our authorized distributors. For an authorized Fluke partner near you, visit https://www.fluke.com/en-us/where-to-buy 

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