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We rely on HVAC equipment to maintain acceptable temperature, humidity and ventilation levels for occupant health and comfort, and, now more than ever, to help regulate building health and manage increasing energy costs. The relationship between HVAC equipment, occupied space requirements, building materials, weather conditions and pressure differentials is an ever-changing dynamic process for indoor air diagnostics (IAD). 

  • Fluke 922 Airflow Meter/Kit

    Fluke 922 Airflow Meter/Kit

    Fluke 922/Kit was designed and built for how (and where) you do your job, with performance,...

  • Fluke 3000 FC HVAC System

    Fluke 3000 FC HVAC System

    Fluke 3000 FC HVAC System lets you work on electrical panels faster, safer, easier. Connect the...

  • Fluke TL80A Basic Electronic Test Lead Kit -1

    Fluke TL80A Basic Electronic Test Lead Kit

    Test leads are an integral part of the complete measurement system and extend the capabilities of...

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