Fluke virtual demos and product selectors

Use Fluke virtual demos to experience the tools and Fluke product selectors to determine the right equipment for the job. Get an in-depth look into tool functionality and answer questions about your unique needs to see recommendations tailored to your work.

Fluke product virtual demos

Virtual Demo: Fluke FEV100 EVSE Tester for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Take the Fluke FEV100 EVSE Tester virtual demo

Virtual Demo: ii910/ii900 Acoustic Imaging
See sound with the ii900/ii910 acoustic imager demo

Virtual Demo: LinkIQ Cable + Network Tester
The LinkIQ interactive demonstration lets you operate the LinkIQ in several scenarios

Fluke product selector tools

Power quality tool selector
Power quality and energy analysis tools product selector

Solar tools product selector
PV installation and solar maintenance tools product selector

Thermal camera product selector
Answer this series of questions to find the best thermal imaging camera for your needs.

indoor air quality product selector
Use the IAQ product selector tool to get a recommendation on Fluke HVAC professional indoor air quality testing tools and monitoring equipment.

Portable oscilloscope product selector
Answer this series of questions to find the best portable oscilloscope model or motor drive analyzer for your needs.

Process calibration tools product selector
Answer this series of questions to find the best pressure calibration, temperature calibration, mA loop calibration, or multifunction tool for your needs.

Clamp meter product selector
Find the right clamp meter for the job.

Digital multimeter product selector
Find the right digital multimeter for the job.

Installation tester product selector
Find the right installation tester.

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