Vibration monitoring

The Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor is shown installed on an asset.

Maintenance departments often face difficulty finding sufficient resources, such as a skilled laborforce, time and necessary budget to meet their facility's ever-growing demands. Therefore, prioritization of equipment maintenance tasks is more crucial than ever. "While many critical assets feature built-in sensors that provide early indications of impending problems, some vital assets remain unmonitored. Rotating quipment, such as pumps, fans and compressors, are often not fitted with built-in sensor technology." That’s where remote, wireless vibration monitoring comes in.

A smart device shows data sent from a vibration sensor.

Detect failures early with vibration monitoring

Vibration monitoring with continuous remote, wireless sensors is one of the most effective ways to detect, and thereby prevent, equipment failure or downtime. This is a cost-effective, scalable strategy to extend coverage, particularly for assets in diffiuclt-to-reach or dangerous locations. Identify abnormalities associated with most faults before a failure occurs, including imbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing wear.

Reliability engineers, maintenance managers and maintenance technicians can now preserve asset health by using vibration sensors to screen for potential problems. Installing a vibration sensor on an asset allows you to spend less time taking manual measurements and more time addressing problems that could lead to downtime or equipment failure.

Empower maintenance teams

Vibration monitoring benefits predictive maintenance programs by:

  • Automatically aggregating data to the cloud
  • Enabling teams to find faults early and make repairs
  • Identify imbalance, looseness, misalignment or bearing wear prior to failure
  • Track maintenance spend

Vibration data from sensors is continuous, and can be graphed to establish trends in equipment performance. This enables teams to easily interpret data and provides actionable results.

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