Distributor quick reference guide

Fluke product disply for retail

Here are a few of the tools available to help you sell Fluke products to your customers. The available tools include online resources, mobile apps, newsletters, promotions and more. If you have additional questions about these resources, please contact your local Fluke rep.

Fluke Academy of Certified Training

Distributor training

This self-paced, online training is meant to give you the information and confidence you need to succeed at selling Fluke products. Level 1 provides introductory knowledge into Fluke tools and customers, while Level 2 goes deeper, focusing on customer pain points. Stay ahead of the curve with both levels of training. Learn more at http://distributors.fluke.com/training

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Fluke sales and promotions

Promotions for the customer

Go to www.fluke.com/promotions or look in your Virtual Sales Assistant for promotions that can help you close that next sale!

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Fluke Corporation Youtube

YouTube channel

Customers love videos. Show them your Fluke pride on your website or your in-store video players by going to www.youtube.com/user/flukecorporation to check out all the videos we offer.

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Fluke product group shot

Joint Call Program

Develop a NEW opportunity! Contact your Fluke Seller and Complete a in-person visit

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Who to call at Fluke

Order Administration


  • Price, availability and quotes
  • Stock rotation, order expedite and status
  • Defective on arrival within 30 days and accessories
  • Order guidelines
  • Education discount program order questions
  • Shipping and receiving
  • ROHS
  • State law generally requires the order to be taxed in absence of a valid/complete Exemption Certificate.
  • Contact Information to send the Tax Exemption Certificate (either fax to 425-446-6444 or taxcertificates@fluke.com)

Fluke Technical Support




  • Pre and post sales
  • Technical product questions

Welcome to Fluke's Chat GPT Assistant. As with other generative AI systems, this chatbot may occasionally generate incorrect information. For questions regarding the safe use of Fluke tools, please refer to your owners manual. You must comply with your employer’s safety standards and obtain necessary training before using Fluke tools or taking electrical measurements. To speak with a person, visit our Contact Us page.
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