Martel calibrators

Martel Electronics has been a major manufacturer of test and measurement equipment since 1987. As a Fluke partner, Martel continued to innovate and offer solutions to everyday calibration products both under the Martel and Fluke brands, but Fluke has decided to stop production of Martel Calibrators. Fluke is proud to continue Martel’s tradition of providing industry leading pressure & temperature calibrators, loop calibrators, and multifunction calibrators.

Fluke offers a full line of products that are built to the tradition of Martel Calibrators. See the table below or contact a Fluke specialist for more information.

Martel to Fluke Product Conversion Table

ProductMartel ModelsFluke Models
Pressure Products
Pressure (Internal Electric Pump - vacuum to150psi)BetaGauge 330-30,
BetaGauge 330-150
(-12 psi to 150psi)
719Pro 30G
719PRO 150G
Pressure (Internal Pneumatic Pump - vacuum to 300psi)BetaGauge 330-300719 PRO 300G
Pressure (Single Sensor)BetaGauge 301717
Pressure (Single Sensor)BetaGauge 311717
Pressure (Dual Sensor)BetaGauge 321721
Pressure ManometerT140717
Pressure GaugeBetaGauge PI and PIR700G/2700G
Gauge Datalogging SoftwareBetaLog (BG PI and BG PIR)700G/TRACK
Pressure ModulesBetaPort P750P
Pneumatic CalibratorDPC-30n/a
Pneumatic CalibratorDPC300A3130
Multifunction Calibrators
MultifunctionMC1200725, 726
Multifunction DocumentingDMC-1400753, 754
Bench - Multifunction30017526A
Single Function Calibrators
Current LoopMS420705, 707
Current Loop (Old)LC100705, 707
Current Loop (New)LC-110/110H709, 709H
Voltage and CurrentIVC222HPII715
(HPII is source only)
Voltage, Current and FrequencyPSC4000n/a
Temperature (TC and RTD)PTC8001724
Temperature (TC)TC100714B
Temperature (RTD)PTC8001712B