Fluke test tool and multimeter replacement fuses

Electrical test tools that measure current must be equipped with a fuse, and that fuse must be the proper one to protect the user from a possible electrical short, as well as keep the test tool working. There are many reasons why choosing the correct fuse for your tester has the potential to be a life or death situation. The following fuses are proper replacements for Fluke multimeters and electrical testers.

ModelsP/N 203403
11A 1000 V
P/N 203411
440 mA 1000V
P/N 2279339
315 mA 1000V
P/N 4016494
440 mA fuse assembly
107, 115, 117, 233   
175, 177, 179, 83V
87V, 287, 289. 27II,
28II, 88V, 77IV, 87V MAX
3000 FC, 1577, 1587 FC
BT508, BT510, BT521
787, 787B, 789 ● qty 2  
1503, 1507   
28II Ex  
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