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Installing MET/TEMP II »
  • Can MET/TEMP II be installed on computers running Windows® Vista?
  • When I install MET/TEMP II, I am prompted to enter a serial number. Where do I find my serial number?
  • I downloaded MET/TEMP II from the internet and installed the demo version. Now I want to buy it and start using it. What do I need to do?
  • I am currently a Fluke MET/TEMP software user. What do I need to know about upgrading to MET/TEMP II?
  • I am currently a Calibrate-it and Generate-it user. What do I need to know about upgrading to MET/TEMP II?
  • Will my Calibrate-it and Generate-it data be accessible in MET/TEMP II if I upgrade?
  • Are my Calibrate-it configuration files compatible with MET/TEMP II?
  • Can I use three heat sources simultaneously with 20 test probes in each one?
  • Can I use a non-Hart heat source with MET/TEMP II?
  • My heat source(s) are calibrated and I want to use it/them as the reference. How do I configure the software to do this?
  • I want to calibrate Liquid in Glass (LIG) thermometers with this software. Can this be done?
  • What is the absolute minimal instrument configuration required to run a test?
  • I configured the software to take resistance readings from a test probe, but the software took readings in a different scale. What happened?
  • Can I write my own "driver" for an instrument that I use that has a serial interface?
  • What options are available for custom reports?
  • I always use the same instrument configuration to perform tests. Is there a fast and easy way to setup the software?
  • I would like to import the data collected by MET/TEMP II into my analysis software or spreadsheet. Can this be done?
  • Can I use a Model 1620 'DewK' Thermohygrometer to monitor ambient conditions during the test process?
  • How can I print my company's logo on the default Reports of Calibration?
  • How can I adjust the margins on the Report of Calibration so I can print on company letterhead?
  • What is required to interface MET/TEMP II with MET/TRACK?
  • Can I still use MET/TEMP II as a stand-alone system?
  • Why doesn't MET/TEMP II work with prior versions of MET/TRACK?
  • How can I obtain a license to activate the link to MET/TRACK?
  • To what extent does MET/TEMP II interface with the MET/TRACK database?
  • Why can' MET/TEMP II locate an asset in the MET/TRACK database?
  • Does MET/TEMP II support exporting data to a customized MET/TRACK database?
Using Fluke's Hydra Series II Dataloggers with MET/TEMP II »
  • How does the Hydra need to be configured to be used with MET/TEMP II?
  • I calibrated some probes using the Hydra, but when I print the Report of Calibration, "No Reading" is printed in the UUT column. Why did this happen?
Using Fixed-Point Cells with MET/TEMP II »
  • Can I use MET/TEMP II to perform calibrations using fixed-point cells?
  • Can I mix fixed-points set-points and comparison set-points on the same calibration?
  • What fixed-point cells can be used with MET/TEMP II?
Calibrating a Heat Source using MET/TEMP II »
  • What heat sources can be calibrated by MET/TEMP II?
  • I can't figure out how to configure MET/TEMP II to calibrate my heat source. What am I doing wrong?
  • How do I configure the set-points to use for a heat source calibration?
  • Can I configure MET/TEMP II to take As Found data at 10 set-points?
  • How can I change the As Found set-points that are used to calibrate the heat source?
  • How do I print a Report of Calibration for a heat source calibration?

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