How to connect a Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator to a HART Transmitter


In this video, we're going to show you how the Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator connects to a HART transmitter.


Menu settings

The first thing you do is connect up your mA jacks to the transmitter to the plus and minus. Then connect up your pressure line from the Fluke 729 to the transmitter as well. And then press the HART button.

You're now on the HART pulling screen; it's trying to find the device. There are two things you need to do here.

  1. Enable that 250 ohm internal HART resistor
  2. Press F2 to turn on loop power

Once the Fluke 729 sees the transmitter, it will display it up on the screen. At this point, you can just press F4 to continue to select that device. Here it's reading the information on the transmitter and then the screen you'll see next are the selections for looking at HART data, HART service and calibration.

HART data menu

Let's take a look at the first one, HART data. Now there's a couple ways you can select any of the choices on the screen. One is just by pressing the down arrow keys and hitting continue, or you can just select the number of the of the setting. For example, pressing one takes you right to it.

On the screen this is the HART data. This is these are all the calibration specific commands that HART is able to see here. If you notice at the very top you got the Tag ID here, you can actually change the Tag ID name. Then you can also come down, select Unit Type, and also go down and check your upper and lower range.

At this point you can also go in and modify that value. It could change the upper range to something different by pressing ENTER and then go ahead and make your change. Notice down below it is showing you what the default value range are for that particular transmitter. I could go anywhere from -2 up to 300 PSI. Once you enter your new selection, just press SEND or press CANCEL to go back.

Speaking of back, the back button is really nice on this product. If I press BACK watch, it just takes me right back to the menu. You can pretty much go anywhere on your screens using your BACK button. You can get all the way back to the very beginning if you want.

HART service menu

Let's look at HART service. Using the down arrow, I’ll navigate to option and hit continue, which takes me into service. From here, I can set my PV0 trim, I can go down to trim My 4-20 mA output, or I can also trim to applied values on the sensor, as well as the other features like rearranging and transmitter and other features.

Again, back button takes you right back to the start.

Additional menu options

Choice number three goes into doing an ad hoc calibration. Number four allows you to do a calibration from a task which you have downloaded from DPCTrack2, ProCalV5, or another supported software. And then the last choice, five allows the 729 to go out and pull the bus again.

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