World Metrology Day 2024 - Measuring Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow


World Metrology Day commemorates the signing of the Meter Convention on May 20, 1875. The Treaty of the Meter established one uniform and global measurement system, enabling advancements in science and technology as well as simplifying international trade.

Before the Meter Convention, weights and measures could vary significantly from one country to another, or even one town to another. Now, we can purchase products from around the world and be confident that we understand the quantities of products that we obtain.

The Treaty of the Meter isn’t just a set of rules for a handful of scientists to employ; it’s a critically important agreement that is necessary for the advancement of human civilization itself.

The theme for World Metrology Day 2024 is, “We measure today for a sustainable tomorrow.” Sustainability is always top of mind for us here at Fluke. Fluke is a global company, but our roots are in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, an area known for diverse landscapes and natural beauty as well as a commitment to sustainability.

This commitment to sustainability is a part of Fluke’s culture, no matter where our employees work. In 2019, our parent company Fortive established our first greenhouse gas reduction goal, and we have reduced our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by our 2019 baseline. Beginning in 2022, Fortive established the goal of decreasing emissions by an additional 50% by 2029. We’ve been recognized by USA Today and Statista as one of America’s Climate Leaders, and Newsweek has named us one of America’s Most Responsible Companies for the fifth year in a row.

Approximately 60% of our revenue is generated from products and services that deliver sustainability-related outcomes and are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Tools Driving Sustainability Around the Globe

For technologies to develop and advance, one must be able to make accurate and reliable measurements. Metrology is in many ways a hidden science, working behind the scenes to enable the development of technology. As sustainable technologies are developed, Fluke has always been there to make sure that the metrology behind these measurements is sound. Many customers come to Fluke for tools to ensure energy management in their homes and businesses.

Our thermography cameras detect energy leaks, allowing users to know where to reinforce structures to reduce energy use. Accurate readings give users the correct information regardless of the temperature outside.

Fluke’s power analyzers are used extensively to ensure that buildings meet new sustainability standards. These instruments can measure the flow of energy, voltage, current, and other types of mechanical energy with precision, allowing companies to confidently reach sustainability goals.

Electric vehicle charging systems are being installed at a rapid pace. Fluke has improved the safety and charging efficiency at levels 2 AD and level 3FAST DC EVSE chargers with our FEV series of testers. We are working with U.S. and global authorities to develop the technical standards that will ensure safety for the installers and ensure customers receive the amount of electricity they pay for.

Fluke has taken a leadership position in metrology for measurements associated with installation and testing of solar panels. When the Fluke SMFT-1000 and the IRR2 Solar Irradiance Meters were developed, our metrologists developed the measurement methods, uncertainty and measurement traceability to the International System of Units.

Calibration and Sustainability

Even the most accurate measurement tools can degrade over time. Regular use, the tool’s operating environment, and even accidents such as being dropped can cause readings to drift or become unreliable. Inaccurate measurements can cause waste when products are built incorrectly due to unreliable measurements. Products that were created incorrectly lead to sustainability issues if they are returned or discarded by unhappy customers.

Fluke Calibration takes these errors seriously, which is why its calibration tools ensure devices are properly measuring parameters like temperature, humidity, voltage, current, and more. The goal of the Meter Convention was to make sure we were all speaking the same language when it comes to measurement, and reliable readings make sure that continues.

Companies and individuals around the globe are looking towards a more sustainable future, but we’ll only know we’re making progress if we can accurately measure how far we’ve come. Using the same precise measurements and information, countries can continue working together for a more sustainable future.

On World Metrology Day, Fluke celebrates our Metrologists, engineers and all employees who are working diligently to ensure the world can rely on the measurements our equipment provides. Please join us in helping to safeguard our environment and build a future for generations to come.

On behalf of Fluke, Happy World Metrology Day!

Jeff Gust
Chief Corporate Metrologist

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