Product selection guide: Power quality analyzers

Fluke 437 Series II 400 Hz Power Quality and Energy Analyzer - 1
Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyzer
Fluke 437 Series II 400 Hz Power Quality Monitor and Energy AnalyzerFluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers
DC current   
RMS voltage   
RMS current   
Neutral current   
Compact size for use inside panels   
Status display only  
Setup by laptopSetup by tablet  
Real-time display of measurements   
On-instrument setupExternal memory (CF, SD or USB stick)  
Setup by tablet  
External memory (CF, SD or USB stick)  
400Hz frequency measurements  
Basic waveform display   
Fast oscilloscope function   
Phasor diagram   
Power and energy   
Total harmonic distortion   
Voltage harmonics   
Current harmonics   
Power harmonics   
Inrush current (triggered)   
Inside substationOutside substation / transformer  
Residential / commercial   
Power inverter efficiency   
Energy loss calculator  
< 1,600   
> 3000A (option)   
Long-term RMS loggingLong-term waveform recording  
Timed snapshots  
Waveform recording   
Automatic transient triggering   
En50160 analysis   
IEC61000-4-30 complianceClass AClass A 
Mains signaling   
Phase sequence components   
Transient capture > 1MHzTransient capture < 1MHz  
Transient capture < 1MHz  
IEEE519 analysis  
Battery operatedPower from the measurement line  
Power from the measurement line  
Ethernet, WiFi or USBWiFi/USBEthernet/WiFi/USB 
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