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The automotive industry is rapidly evolving. Vehicles have more electrical connections than ever before requiring more knowledge and accuracy to quickly spot a problem before it occurs. Learn how to:

  • Identify voltage drops and avoid replacing good parts
  • Spot and solve bad grounds before they destroy the electronic control unit (ECU)
  • Remain safe when working with high-voltage hybrid vehicles

Find the best electrician tools to keep you safe and efficient on the job.

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Electrical automotive troubleshooting

Voltage drop is one of the most common electrical problems showing up in automotive shops today. This article features the symptoms of voltage drop, basic procedures and grounding tests to keep you safe.


Hybrid vehicle measurement safety basics: Taking high-voltage readings

Hybrid vehicle technology may be in its infancy, but the field is growing rapidly. Every major auto and truck manufacturer is developing hybrids, and hybrid technology is a stepping-stone to advanced electric-drive components that will be used in both hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and pure electric vehicles.


How to identify and solve ground wire problems on trucks

I have used my Fluke 189 meter to test for bad grounds on light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. I have seen more electrical problems - i.e., ECU (Electronic Control Unit) communication & data link issues - stem from bad grounds than any other failure, close to 75%.

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