Fluke sponsors Biannual WorldSkills Competition

Photo: courtesy of WorldSkills International

Technology and globalization are rapidly changing our industry landscapes. At Fluke, we want to meet the current and future needs of our world through innovation and investing in the vital areas of technical and electrical training.

More than twenty years ago, Fluke was a founding Global Industry Sponsor of the WorldSkills Competition, and we’ve been sponsoring this exciting global skills event ever since. These events and competitions are the gold standard of skills excellence.

WorldSkills hosts projects, a convention, and competitions, reaching nearly two-thirds of the world’s population. The competitions, often referenced as the Olympics for vocational skills, are held around the world at 29 different regional events, all culminating in a biannual global competition with the top winners from each region. Teams of young apprentices compete to demonstrate their skills in chosen vocations, competing in head-to-head events to be the best in the world.

Fluke and Fluke Networks each sponsor the competitions and provide tools for competitors to use during the events. Our goal is to inspire thousands of young people and elevate the importance of skilled professionals in our ever-changing world.

WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, WorldSkills reimagined the 2022 event. Instead of hosting one event in Shanghai, the event was split among participating regions. For the special edition 2022 event, Competitors gathered at 62 skill competitions held over a 12-week period. The competition included:

  • More than 1,000 competitors
  • 58 countries and regions represented
  • 62 skills competitions
US Skills Competition 2022

US Skills Competition 2022

Fluke and education

Fluke tools used at WorldSkills events