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63 Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

  • Fluke 63 Mini IR Thermometer
  • Fluke 63 Mini IR Thermometer
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Tính năng chính

  • Rugged mini IR thermometer with 12:1 distance to spot ratio for non-contact temperature measurements
  • Measures temperature from -32 to 535°C (-25 to 999°F)
  • Features high-resolution optics for measuring in hard-to-reach situations
  • Delivers high accuracy (1%) and repeatability (0.5%)
  • Shows MAX temperature on backlit display
  • Offers laser targeting for precise measurements
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Tổng quan sản phẩm: 63 Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

Fluke 63 mini IR thermometers helps you measure high temperatures in hard to reach places.

Fluke 63 mini IR thermometer delivers accurate readings of temperatures ranging from -40°C to 535°C (-25 to 999°F). Enhanced optics help you measure smaller objects further away so you can get more accurate measurements in hard-to-reach hot, rotating, or dangerous situations. Use it to monitor the status of electrical motors and electrical panels, research heating and ventilation problems, and diagnose car malfunctions.

Thông số kỹ thuật: 63 Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

Backlit display for use in poorly lit areasYes
Holds temperature readingsYes
Range-32 to 535°C (-25 to 999°F)
Distance to spot ratio12:1
Hi-Lo alarmYes
Optional RTD probe (contact temperature measurement)N/A
EmissivityFixed at 0.95
Measurement Accuracy
-32 to -26°C (-25 to -15°F)±3°C (±5°F)
-26 to -18°C (-15 to 0°F)±2.5°C (±4°F)
-18 to 23°C (-0 to 73°F)±2°C (±3°F)
For targets above 23°C (73°F)±1% of reading or ±1°C (±2°F), whichever is greater

Model: 63 Mini Infrared Thermometer Gun

Fluke 63

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