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Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope

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  • Rugged, compact, easy to use stroboscope for checking the rotating speed of machinery without physical contact or the need for reflective tape
  • Features high-intensity 7-LED array—4,800 Lux @ 6,000 FPM/30cm
  • Provides a high-efficiency LED solid-state light source with uniform flash characteristics that allow for higher flash rates—30-300,000 FPM (flashes per minute)

Tổng quan sản phẩm: Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope

Investigate and observe potential mechanism failure with confidence

Identifying the running speed of rotating equipment can be difficult, but the Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope simplifies the process allowing you to perform stop motion diagnostics without actually stopping, or making contact, with the machine you are working on. Whether you are trying to diagnose parasitic oscillations, slippage, or unwanted distortions, the 820-2 LED Stroboscope is the ideal frontline troubleshooting, process or product research and development tool.

Other useful features:

  • Includes digital pulse width modulation for exceptionally sharp images at high speeds
  • Provides rugged, durable design that uses solid-state LEDs with no filaments, gases, hollow cavities, or glass; (1 meter drop tested)
  • Features quartz-accuracy control system for high accuracy–0.02% (+/- 1 digit)
  • Provides a multi-line LCD display
  • Includes advance or retard flash timing for viewing gear teeth, cutting surfaces, repeats, or drifting equipment
  • Features simple push button operation with 2x and ÷2 buttons for easy adjustment

Thông số kỹ thuật: Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope

Mechanical Specifications
Size (HxWxL)5.71 cm x 6.09 cm x 19.05 cm
2.25 in x 2.4 in x 7.5 in
Weight0.24 kg
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature0 °C to +45 °C
Storage temperature-10 °C to +50 °C
Operating humidity (without ondensation)Non-condensing (<10 °C)
90 % RH (10 °C to 30 °C)
75 % RH (30 °C to 40 °C)
45 % RH (40 °C to 50 °C)
Absorption/corrosion30 °C, 95 % RH, 5 day
Product functions normally
Operating altitude2,000 m
Storage altitude12,000 m
VibrationMIL-PRF-28800F Class 2
Impact resistance1 m drop
EMI, RFI, EMCEN61326-1:2006
Safety Compliance
Agency approvalsCE
Class III (SELV) Pollution Degree 2
Miscellaneous Specifications
Flash Frequency
Range30 to 300,000 FPM
0.5 to 5000 Hz
Accuracy0.02 %
Resolution30 to 999 FPM = 0.1
1000 to 300,000 = 1
0.5 Hz to 999 Hz = 0.1
1000 Hz to 5000 Hz = 1
Frequency settingFPM or Hz
Flash Pulse
DurationAdjustable in μs or degrees
DelayAdjustable in μs or degrees
ColorApproximately 6500 K
Emission output4,800 lx @ 6000 FPM at 30 cm
External Trigger
MethodConnector to externally control trigger
High level3 V to 32 V
Low level<1 V
Minimum pulse width50 μs connection

Model: Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope

Fluke 820-2
Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope
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  • Protective case
  • External trigger connector