FlukeHART App v. and DD Library v.2020-4 Updates

A new software update is now available for your Fluke 154 HART Calibration Assistant mobile app. To update your mobile app with the latest version information please follow these instructions. NOTE: Do not uninstall your existing application prior to installing the new app.

FlukeHART App and DD Update Installation Instructions

  1. Download the FlukeHART App v. and FlukeHART DD Library v.2020-4.
  2. Copy the files to your Android device and tap the file name to install. You will need to enable installs from unknown sources.
  3. Launch the FlukeHART DD Update App to install the DD files.
  4. Launch the FlukeHART App to install the App.

Download the FlukeHART App update

Download the Device Description update