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Our Relentless Quest

Safe. Rugged. Reliable.

At Fluke, we work every day to help you do your work at the highest level. We are working with you on the hard jobs, the dirty jobs, the essential jobs; as your partner and guide. We are driven to keep you safe, help you succeed, and equip you to get the job done right.

Our modern, technology-enabled world works because people like you maintain it, measure it, test it, and continually improve it.

Keeping your World Up and Running.®

One world—One Fluke

Each Fluke company works together to create solutions for industries around the globe. Change in our lives and industries has accelerated, impacting the lives and businesses of our customers. Fluke offers tools and resources for many industries including communications, government, healthcare, manufacturing, resource and infrastructure, and utilities.

Every year, around the world, Fluke is involved in local and regional events to bring community together for greater impact. Participating in events like the WorldSkills Competitions, working with educators, and providing training courses help us understand where Fluke can fill critical skills gaps for all industries.

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Genuine Fluke

Our founder, John Fluke, Sr. was a “get the job done right” kind of guy. His vision revolved around improving the way things worked, and he saw test and measurement as the surest and most effective way of doing that.

As we move to expand our offering beyond the physical tools that defined our early history, at Fluke, the one thing that never changes is our commitment to the people who use our tools. You.

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