Product selection guide: Intrinsically safe

Recommended usesElectrical, refining, pharmaceutical, process industries, mechanical, plant, diesel, HVAC 
Probe typeThermocouple K 
Number of inputs1 
Temperature range-270 °C to +1372 °C (-454 °F to +2501 °F) 
Number of on-board memory locations99 
What temperature range do you need to measure?-40 °C to +800 °C (-40 °F to +1472 °F) 
Will you be working from greater than 5 m (15 ft)?  
Will you be measuring objects 200 °C (400 °F), moving, uncontaminatable, energized objects or difficult to reach objects?  
Non-contact temperature range-40 °C to +800 °C (-40 °F to +1472 °F) 
AccuracyGreater of ± 1 % or ± 1.0 °C (± 2.0 °F) 
Distance to spot (D:S)50:1 
SightingLaser point 
Typical distance to targetUp to 7.5 m (25 ft) 
Form factorPistol 
Dimensions, approximate (H x W x D)17.69 x 5.18 x 16.36 cm (6.965 x 2.039 x 6.441 in) 
Battery3 AAA 
CaseHard case 
Warranty2 years 
Temperature areaInternal, ambient and non-contact surface temperature 
Soft-key feature menu navigation  
Multiple language interface  
English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German user interface  
Material type adjustment (emissivity)Material table or 0.1 to 1.00 by 0.01 
High and low alarmsHigh and low alarms 
Hazardous location approval  
Hands-free logging  
Will you use the thermometer in a hazardous location where there might be explosive gases?  
Do you want to use industry standard thermocouples?  
Automatic power off  
Closed case calibration  
Completely sealed / watertight  
Fuse access  
Low battery indication  
Operating temperature range-40 °C to +55 °C 
Removable holster  
Trigger in / out  
ATEX II 2G EEX IA IICT4 Safety Rating Zone 1 and Zone 2  
Auto / manual ranging  
Basic DC accuracy0.05 % 
True RMS readingsAC 
Wide bandwidth20 kHz 
Capacitance9,999 µF 
Conductance60 nS 
Continuity with beeper  
Current AC/DC10.0 A 
Diode test  
Duty cycle  
Frequency200 kHz 
Motor drive measurement  
Pulse width  
Resistance50 MΩ 
Temperature+1090 °C 
Voltage AC/DC1000 V 
Analog bargraph  
Two-level backlight  
Auto (touch) hold  
Display hold  
Fast Min-Max250 µs 
Min-max recording  
Relative reference  
Dangerous voltage indication  
EN61010-1 CAT III600 V 
Input alert  
IP ratingIP 67 
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