Product selection guide: Power quality

Fluke 1760TR Basic Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder
Fluke 1760 Basic Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder
Fluke 1760TR Basic Three-Phase Power Quality RecorderFluke 1760 Basic Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder
Transient capture < 1MHz  
Transient capture > 1MHz  
En50160 analysis   
Mains signaling   
Phase sequence components   
IEC61000-4-30 complianceClass AClass A 
RMS voltage   
RMS currentRequires probe setRequires probe set 
Neutral current   
Differential inputs   
Ethernet, WiFi or USBEthernetEthernet 
< 1,600   
1,600 A to 3,000 A   
> 3000A (option)   
Real-time display of measurementsVia PCVia PC 
Compact size for use inside panels   
Status display only   
Setup by laptop   
External memory (CF, SD or USB stick)   
Long-term RMS logging   
Waveform recording   
Residential / commercial   
Inside substation   
Built-in UPS   
Total harmonic distortion   
Power and energy   
Phasor diagram   
Inrush current (triggered)   
Voltage harmonics   
Current harmonics   
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