Integrated Mobility for Maximo

Integrated Mobility for Maximo

Integrate your Industrial Data

Fluke Mobile products and add-ons allow you to leverage Maximo in your daily workflows, ensuring that Maximo meets your precise needs. Enable on-the-go teams to configure aggregated data, narrowing down massive amounts of information to what is critical to maintain assets. Provide your front-line teams with the full picture of asset health by aggregating industrial data into a single, mobile screen.

Mobile Work Order Management

With Fluke Mobile Work Order Management (WOM), both planned and unplanned maintenance activities are merged together on your mobile screen. Provide mobile access to Maximo and enable teams to coordinate between maintenance team members, efficiently schedule downtime, and improve response times.

Fluke Mobile Work Order Management


"More than 75% of surveyed individuals rated “Seeing SCADA alarms in their EAM system” as either Helpful or Very Helpful. This verifies the need for systems to be integrated from one end to the other, including where maintenance and reliability professionals are at any given moment. In the same survey, more than 35% of respondents want to view alarm status on mobile devices."


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Mobile SCADA & Alarms (Requires Connect2Assets)

Seamlessly integrating SCADA data or alarms into a record of truth (an EAM, CMMS or other industrial software) allows teams to better plan, schedule, and respond to work orders or failures. These alarms are sent directly to smart devices in the palms of technician's hands.

Mobile Calibration

Fluke Mobile Calibration for Maximo is an add-on for Fluke Mobile Work Order Management (WOM) providing visibility into process control systems. Perform function tests suited to your work methodology, take as-found and as-left readings, and adjustments thereof (even in regulated environments).

Mobile Inventory

Fluke Mobile Inventory for Maximo supports storeroom workflows by ensuring staff members can process inventory-related requests via Maximo Inventory Usage while on the go. Multiple storerooms and multi-location sites can be included in the information accessible via mobile devices.

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Support your frontline workers by automatically collecting meter readings from connected assets.

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