Guide to Clamp Meter Symbols: Diagram, Buttons, Dial, Display

Clamp meters

Every Fluke clamp meter offers a different combination of functions, but no matter which one you grab, you’ll need to know what the symbols and buttons mean as well as where they show up on the display screen. Below are composite images of clamp meters’ display, dial, and the buttons. The diagrams aren’t specific to one clamp meter model, they illustrate the range of functions that can be found on multiple clamp meters. No single Fluke model contains all of the functions listed below.

Clamp meter display symbols

Clamp meter display symbols
1Inrush is active
3Hold is active
6Capacitance, measured in farads and microfarads (F or µF);
resistance, measured in ohms and kilo-ohms (Ω and kΩ);
direct current (DC); alternating current (AC); frequency (Hz)
7Digits (measurement readout)
8Low-battery indicator for remote display (Fluke 381 only)
9Low-battery indicator for meter
10Measurement being taken by the clamp's jaw
11RF signal is being sent to remote display (Fluke 381 only)
13Hazardous voltage is present
14Measurement being taken by a flexible current probe
15Minimum, maximum or average reading is shown
16Min/Max is active

Clamp meter symbols diagram

Clamp meter symbols diagram
1AC (alternating current) volts
2AC and DC (direct current) volts
9DC microamps
11AC amps measured by a Rogowski (iFlex®) coil
12AC and DC amps
13DC amps
14AC amps

Clamp meter buttons diagram

Clamp meter buttons diagram
1Hold: Freezes the display reading. Reading is released when button is pushed a second time.
2Fluke Connect™ radio: Activates the radio and starts the wireless module discovery procedure; Wireless icon shows in the display when the radio is on. Deactivates the radio when the measuring procedure is finished.
3Min Max: On first push, display shows maximum input. On subsequent pushes, minimum and average inputs are shown. Works in current, voltage and frequency modes.
4Zero: Removes DC offset from DC current measurements. This button sometimes appears in yellow and doubles as the shift button, corresponding to yellow functions scattered around the dial.
5Hz: Frequency.
6Inrush: Measures inrush current by taking approximately 400 samples over a 100-millisecond period and calculating the starting current envelope.
7°F/°C: Temperature, in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
8AC/DC: On selected models, permits user to toggle between ac and dc measurements.
9Range: Allows the user to switch from auto range to manual range.
10Log: Initiates data recording process.
11Low pass filter: Aims to eliminate electronic interference that might distort readings.
12The beaming orb: On/off switch for display backlight.

On some models, a few function icons are displayed in yellow. This indicates the meter’s yellow function button must be pressed to select those measurements.

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