Fluke 434/PWR Powe r and power analyzer

  • Fluke 434/PWR Power and Power Analyzer 1

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Load studies and energy assessments

  • Monitoring the maximum power requirement over user-defined averaging times
  • Identifying the efficiency of energy saving equipment through energy consumption tests
  • Measurement of distortion caused by electronic loads
  • Analyze reliability problems by detecting voltage dips and increases due to high load turn-on

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Energy consumption studies made easy

The Fluke 434 / PWR Power Supply Analyzer is the ideal tool for determining energy consumption in commercial buildings, facilities and equipment. Electricians, field technicians and maintenance technicians can carry out energy consumption studies and load-flow analyzes with this special measuring device version as well as record and analyze the network and voltage quality according to EN 50160. The Fluke 434 / PWR as a comprehensive troubleshooting tool in three-phase systems measures virtually all parameters of the power supply system: voltage, current, frequency, power, energy consumption, cos φ or power factor, unbalance, harmonics and intermediate harmonics.

Technické údaje: Fluke 434/PWR Powe r and power analyzer

Technical specifications
Number:4 voltage and 4 current inputs (3 phases + neutral)
Maximum allowable voltage:1000 Veff (6 kV peak)
Maximum sampling rate:200 kS / s on all channels at the same time
Voltage / current / frequency
Veff (DC and AC voltage) 
Measuring range:1 - 1000V
Inaccuracy:0.1% of rated voltage
Measuring range:1 - 1400V
Inaccuracy:5% of rated voltage
Measuring range:1.0 ...> 2.8
Inaccuracy:± 5%
Ieff (direct current and alternating current) 
Measuring range:0-20 kA
Inaccuracy:± 0.5% ± 5 digits
>Measuring range:1.4x rms value
Crest factor, A 
Measuring range:1 to 10
Inaccuracy:± 5%
Hz 50 Hz nominal frequency 
Measuring range:42.50 to 57.50 Hz
Inaccuracy:± 0.01 Hz
Voltage dips and increases
Veff (AC + DC) 2 
Measuring range:0.0% - 100% of rated voltage
Inaccuracy:± 0.2% of nominal voltage
Aeff (AC + DC) 2 
Measuring range:0 ... 20,000 A 
Inaccuracy:± 1% ± 5 digits
Top vibrations
Measuring range:DC, 1.50; (Off, 1..49) measured according to IEC 61000-4-7
Measuring range:0.0 - 1000V
Inaccuracy:± 0.05% of nominal voltage
Measuring range:0,0 ... 4000 mV x Current cladding scale
Inaccuracy:± 5% ± 5 digits
Measuring range:Depending on current clamp scale and voltage
Inaccuracy:± 5% ± nx 2% or measured value, ± 10 digits
DC voltage 
Measuring range:0.0 - 1000V
Inaccuracy:± 0.2% of nominal voltage
Distortion factor 
Measuring range:0.0 ... 100.0%
Inaccuracy:± 2.5% V and A (± 5% watt)
Measuring range:0 ... 3500 Hz
Inaccuracy:± 1 Hz
Phase angle 
Measuring range:-360 ° ... + 360 °
Inaccuracy:± n × 1.5 °
Power and energy
Watt, apparent power (VA), reactive power (VAR) 
Measuring range:1.0-20.00 MVA¹
Inaccuracy:± 1% ± digits
KWh, kVAh, kVARh 
Measuring range:00.00 - 200.0 GVAh¹
Inaccuracy:± 1.5% ± 10 digits
Power Factor / Cos Ф / Displacement Power Factor 
Measuring range:0 ... 1
Inaccuracy:± 0.03
Measuring range:0.0 ... 5.0%
Inaccuracy:± 0.5%
Measuring range:0.0 ... 20%
Inaccuracy:± 1%
Scanning:Continuous sampling with 5 measured values ​​/ s per channel
Measured values:User-definable, up to 100 measured values ​​for 3 phases and neutral conductor simultaneously
Mean value formation:2 hours to 0.5 s, user-definable
Storage:Customizable, up to 7 MB of shared memory
Recording time:User-definable, depending on the selected number of measured values
Autotrend recording
Scanning:Continuous sampling with 5 measured values ​​/ s per channel
Storage:1800 Minimum, maximum and average values ​​for each measured value
Recording time:Up to 450 days
Zoom:Up to 12x horizontal zoom
Memory for screen displays / setups
Screen images and data including records50; Distribution of memory between screen images, logged data and data sets
¹Depends on the current clamp scale
<²Value is measured over 1 period, starting with a zero crossing of the fundamental vibration and with refreshment after every half period
Environmental data
operating temperature
 0 ° C to + 50 ° C
 EN61010-1 (2nd edition) Pollution degree 2; 1000 V CAT III / 600 V CAT IV ANSI / ISA S82.01
Mechanical & general data
 256 x 169 x 64 mm
 2 kg
Battery life
Rechargeable NiMH batteries (used):> 7 hours
Ladderauer:Average 4 hours
Shock and vibration resistance
Shock load:30 g
Vibrations:3 g according to MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2
 Robust, impact-resistant with integrated protection holster, IP51 (protected against dust and vertically impinging dripping water)
 3 years

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Fluke 434/PWR
Power and power analyzer
(Special version for energy analysis)