80PK-3A Плоский зонд (типа К)

  • Fluke 80PK-3A Surface Probe
  • Fluke 80PK-3A Surface Probe

Ключевые особенности

  • Measurement range: 0 to 260 °C
  • One year warranty

Обзор прибора: 80PK-3A Плоский зонд (типа К)

Fluke temperature probes expand the functionality of Fluke thermometers. The 80PK-3A Type K Thermocouple Surface Probe is designed for measuring the temperature of flat or slightly convex surfaces, with an exposed junction to allow direct contact with the surface being measured. The probe can be used with any temperature-measuring instrument that is designed to accept type K thermocouples and has a miniature connector input.

Модели: 80PK-3A Плоский зонд (типа К)