Fluke 80i-110s AC/DC Current Clamp

  • Fluke 80i-110s AC/DC Current Clamp

Ключевые особенности

  • Current Range: 0.1 to 100A DC or 0.1 to 100A AC
  • Basic Accuracy (DC to 1kHz):
    100mV/A setting: 50mA to 10A +/- 3% of reading + 50mA
    10mV/A setting: 50mA to 40A +/- 4% of reading + 50mA
    40A to 80A +/- 12% of reading + 50mA
    80 to 100A +/- 15% of reading
  • Output Signal: 10A range: 100mV/A | 100A range: 10mV/A
  • Bandwidth: 1Hz to 20kHz
  • Working Voltage: 600V AC rms
  • Maximum Conductor Size: 11.8 mm (.46 inch) diameter
  • Safety Rating: IEC 1010 and CSA-C22.2 No. 1010-1 Installation Category II, Working Voltage 600V

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The 80I-110s is compatible with any Fluke ScopeMeter Test Tool, Power Harmonics Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Multimeter, or other voltage measurement device that has the following features: BNC input connectors or if using a meter convert the banana plugs to a BNC connector using the adapter PM9081/001.

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Nominal current range10 A, AC/DC
100 A, AC/DC
Continuous current range0.1 A - 10 A AC/DC
1 A - 100 A AC/DC
Maximum non-destructive current140 A - 2 kHz
Lowest measurable current0.1 A
Basic accuracy100 mV/A setting: 50 mA to 10 A ±3% of reading +50 mA
10 mV/A setting: 50 mA to 40 A ±4% of reading +50 mA
40 A to 80 A ±12% of reading +50 mA
80 to 100 A ±15% of reading
Useable frequencyDC - 100 kHz
Output level(s)10 A range: 100 mV/A
100 A range: 10 mV/A
Zero error adjustmentYes
Safety Specifications
SafetyCAT II, 600 V
CAT III, 300 V
Maximum voltage600 V
Mechanical and General Specifications
Warranty1 year
Battery life9 V, 55 h
Maximum conductor diameter11.8 mm
Output cable length1.6 m
BNC adapterYes

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Fluke 80i 110s