Fluke 753/754 Windows Driver Downloads

Download 753/754 Windows Driver (.exe)

This is the driver that will enable Windows programs to communicate with the 753 and 754 through the USB port. Download this self-extracting installer and run it. Once installed, the 753/754 will be assigned to a Windows COM port. If necessary for the software package you are using, launch the windows device manager and you see what COM port has been assigned. If you have already installed DPCTrack2, then it installs this driver and it should not be necessary to do it again. For other software that communicates with the 753/754, you will need to install this driver. Some software will automatically find the appropriate COM port and some will require that you manually configure it by inputting the COM port that the 753/754 is communicating on (this is shown in the Windows Device Manager). See the particular software for more information.

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