Fluke 744 Final Release Firmware Upgrade

Download Fluke 744 Firmware Upgrade v4.03/4.53 (.exe)

This firmware update includes Fluke 744 HART support for:

  • ABB / Kent Taylor 600T pressure transmitter v5.3
  • Foxboro I/A Pressure transmitter v5.2
  • Honeywell ST3000 pressure transmitter v6.4
  • Rosemount 3144 temperature transmitter v5.4
  • Rosemount 644 temperature transmitter v5.7
  • Rosemount 3051C pressure transmitter v5.7

The update is performed on a Windows PC with the 744 connected via serial cable. Follow the instructions for doing the update. Do not turn off the PC or the 744 while the update is in progress. Once the update is complete, cycle the 744 off and on and verify the new version number (4.03 or 4.53). It is NOT necessary to recalibrate the 744 after the firmware update has been completed. If you experience any problems during the update, launch the update application and try again. If problems still occur, contact Fluke Support for further assistance.

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