Fluke 3540 FC 3-Phase Power Monitor Firmware

Excel Worksheet for Fluke 173X, 174X and 3540FC Calibation (.xlsm) »
The Excel workbook, Fluke17xx_354x-ExcelTool_Vx.xx.xlsm communicates with the Logger using remote commands through the USB ports. Updated 3/2018

Fluke 3540 FC Firmware V1.6 (.bin) »

Date: 01 Oct. 2020

Fluke 3540 FC Frimware V1.6 Release Notes (.pdf)


  • Security Update - changed transport layer security (TLS).
    Please update your instrument early in order to maintain connectivity.
  • Removed orphaned functionality. Previous releases came with an option to copy logging data to USB mass storage devices, where copied data could not become processed in any way. This option has been removed for clarity.
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