Fluke 1773, 1775 and 1777 Power Quality Analyzers Software and Firmware

Fluke Energy Analyze Plus
Fluke Energy Analyze Plus application software for download, analysis and reporting. Used with Fluke 1730, 1732, 1734, 1736, 1738, 1742, 1746, 1748, 1773, 1775 and 1777.

Fluke 177x v3.1 Firmware File (.bin)
To update instruments running firmware revision 2.0 or earlier, create a directory titled ‘Fluke177x’ on a USB stick and copy the firmware binary to that directory location.
The USB stick must be exFAT or FAT32 formatted, and the above-mentioned directory must be located at root level. Refer to firmware release notes for more details. Note: Only reformat new USB drives. Formatting the USB stick will erase all existing data on the USB stick.
Plug the USB stick into the instrument and follow the instructions on the display. You can also use ‘17xx Setup’ function of Energy Analyze Plus to start the update process without a USB stick. For detailed information, refer to the instrument manual.

Fluke 177x v3.1 Firmware Release Information (.pdf)

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