Fluke ScopeMeter® 190Series III and MDA-550 Series III Firmware

Firmware release V1.2 (.swu)
Firmware release V1.2 Readme (.pdf)

For Fluke 190 Series III and MDA 550 series III instruments with firmware V1.0.

The firmware release V1.2 has the following improvements.
  • Disabled charging and discharging of Li-ion battery at high temperature
  • Fixed production process issues
  • Improved stability
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • Several minor menu and cursor navigation improvements
  • Fixed Probe Calibration issue
  • Fixed Crest Factor reading overload
  • Fixed issues with Save As menu
  • Fixed A vs B persistence
  • Fixed issues when using zoom
  • Fixed Time Base ranging during TrendPlot
  • Improved PWM menu behavior
  • Added product registration with on-screen QR code
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