1620A Firmware Update v. 1.15

1620A Firmware Update v. 1.15 (.exe)

1620A Firmware Update
Use with:
All 1620A
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Description of the change: 

Download Requirements:          
Locate a computer with an available RS-232 COM port, with Windows XP or newer operating system.
Locate an RS-232 Null modem cable and connect one end of the cable to the instrument, the other end to the RS-232 serial port on the computer. 

Note: If your computer only has USB serial interface, an adapter from USB to RS-232 will be required. Recommended adapter: Keyspan USA-19HS.


WARNING! Do not attempt to download the 1620A firmware into a 1620. The Firmware for the 1620A is not backwards compatible and it will cause damage to the unit. Please contact Technical support for 1620 firmware upgrades temperaturesupport@flukecal.com.

Download and run the self-extracting zip file from the yellow button link at the top of the page. This will extract the software file “P1620A.BIN”, the transfer utility “Code1620.EXE”, and the update instructions "1620upd.PDF".

The 1620A will then need to be connected to a computer through an RS-232 cable and running the 1620A Code Transfer. The software will allow you to set the COM port. The default is COM1. If the RS-232 cable is connected to a different COM port, select the appropriate port. Press OK.

The new software will be transferred to the 1620A through the RS-232 cable. The status of the transfer process can be observed on the both the computer screen and the 1620A display. When complete the computer screen will show "Code transfer successful" and the 1620A will restart. If the 1620A Code Transfer software displays an error instead then there may be a problem with the RS-232 cable, it may be incorrectly attached to the computer, there may be a problem with the COM port, or the wrong COM port may have been selected.

If you have problems with the download or questions about this release, please call customer service at 1.877-355-3225 or email: temperaturesupport@flukecal.com

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