T2 Safety Notice and Recall

Dear Fluke Customer:

During a routine quality review we discovered that a few customers have experienced a potentially hazardous malfunction in the T2 Electrical Tester. We are undertaking this voluntary recall because we place tremendous importance on your safety and the reputation of our products.

If your T2 tester has a serial number of 7351XXXX or higher please stop using this product and return it to Fluke for free repair. Units with lower serial numbers are not affected.

DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM: The T2 "locks up" in certain circumstances while being used to check voltages over 400V or in applications where high levels of static electricity or transients are present. When the tester "locks up" it stops working for approximately 8 minutes, after which the tester resets itself. If the user does not follow industry standard practice by verifying the tester before and after checking a circuit, he/she may believe there is no voltage present when in fact there is. THIS COULD PLACE THE USER IN A POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS SITUATION.

Requested Actions: (for affected units only)

  2. Return your T2 tester to a Fluke Repair Center for repair.
  3. Before returning your T2 tester you must get a Return Tracking Number.

Obtain a Return Tracking Number and, if desired, a postage-paid return mailer by calling Fluke or your Fluke representative:

U.S. Customers
(5AM - 4PM Pacific Time)

At the Repair Center, eligible units will:

  1. Be reworked to correct the lock-up problem
  2. Have fresh batteries installed
  3. Be inspected and performance-checked

We urge you to immediately stop using your T2 Electrical Tester, even if you have not experienced this problem. If you are not the primary user of a T2, please pass this notice along to the appropriate people within your organization.

We recognize that recalls inconvenience our customers and we are committed to improving the safety of the affected testers, with minimal disruption and no expense for you.

Welcome to Fluke's Chat GPT Assistant. As with other generative AI systems, this chatbot may occasionally generate incorrect information. For questions regarding the safe use of Fluke tools, please refer to your owners manual. You must comply with your employer’s safety standards and obtain necessary training before using Fluke tools or taking electrical measurements. To speak with a person, visit our Contact Us page.
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