Why do STEM-trained immigrant women choose Canada?

Why do STEM-trained immigrant women choose Canada?

Our data shows that most participants’ motivation to immigrate to Canada is multilayered, with many intersecting and overlapping factors driving the choice to immigrate from their home countries and choosing Canada vs. other parts of the world.

When we posed this question to our participants, the primary reason for immigrating to Canada was personal well-being - accounting for 43% of the responses.

Personal well-being included increased personal safety and security (driven by political instability in home countries), less gendered restrictions on mobility, a more stable immigration status and/or pathway to permanent residency/citizenship (compared to countries that have large foreign worker populations with no pathways to permanent residency), and legal recognition of same-sex relationships and families in Canada.

A need to take chances and expand their horizons and “go on an adventure” were also commonly cited as reasons for migration.

The second highest number of responses was for economic reasons related to work opportunities - accounting for 35% of responses, with the leading factor being job security in a stable economy, followed by sector-specific opportunities for research and development in STEM., Canada’s reputation for “better quality of life” and being “friendly towards immigrants” - with many women proudly stating that their high ambitions for their careers and success were instrumental factors behind their decision.

Twenty-eight percent of our participants stated a spouse’s influence in choosing Canada over options like USA, Australia, UK or New Zealand. Eighteen percent stated a better future for their children as a vital driver behind the decision to immigrate to Canada - with a cleaner environment (low air and water pollution), better quality of education, and safety being the top reasons.

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