Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring with sensors and software help you get ahead of potential equipment problems and avoid downtime by accessing power, vibration and temperature data from anywhere at any time. Condition monitoring strengthens maintenance and reliability programs and starts teams on the path of connected reliability.

How to get the most value from condition monitoring

You can strengthen your maintenance and reliability program by remotely monitoring equipment to do the following:

Gain continuous, always-on monitoring of assets

Total production shutdown is every maintenance professional’s nightmare. To prevent this, condition monitoring continuously saves measurements. Sensors installed on assets continuously send data to the cloud, which can be accessed at any time with your PC or connected device.

Identify the root cause faster

By leaving the sensors in place and employing continuous monitoring, troubleshooting and identifying intermittent events are simple. You can also conduct point measurement for troubleshooting, commissioning and calibrating as needs arise. Quickly identify abnormalities within equipment based on measurement data and visualize measurements over time to determine comprehensive asset health.

Monitor equipment safely from anywhere

Collect continuous measurements of power monitoring, vibration and infrared data every second and store that information in the cloud. You can review the real-time data and trends any time, day or night, from any location.

Benefit from remote condition monitoring sensors

Condition monitoring typically leverages remote, wireless sensor technologies, including:

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