Occupancy monitoring: people counting technology

Automatically measure occupancy with highly accurate and easy to install people counting sensors. Protect your employees by quickly and easily ensuring social distancing guidelines are followed.

Install SafeCount occupancy monitoring sensors to accurately and anonymously count people as they enter and exit an area.

Step 1 - Count the total number of building / area/ room entryways (doorways) you want to monitor.
Step 2 - Review each entryway to make sure that they meet the SafeCount Sensor mounting requirements.
Step 3 - Order ONE SafeCount Primary Sensor for the main entrance to the area. For each additional entrance, order a Secondary SafeCount Sensor.
Step 4 – Review SafeCount Display Kits and Accessories. Order as needed.
Step 5 - If advanced reporting and analytics are required, add SafeCount Plus Annual Cloud Subscription (SafeCount system will require internet connection).
Step 6 – Place order.

Building managers or maintenance can then see how many people have walked into and out of an area of the building to easily track cleaning or repair schedules in a post-COVID-19 world.

Pair your SafeCount system with a display screen

The system will keep track and show the occupancy count on a display screen.

Enable the fastest way to notify customers and building users whether an area is at capacity.

Where can SafeCount occupancy monitoring be used?

SafeCount can be used to monitor the occupancy of entire buildings, individual rooms, or anything in between. Example use cases are:

  • Retail stores and supermarkets
  • Higher education
  • Corporate workplaces
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality industry
  • Restrooms

How does SafeCount sensors detect people?

The SafeCount sensor uses a technology called infrared Time of Flight to detect people. This technology is well used in retail and delivers proven results.

Combining this technology with AI machine vision enables the sensor to be highly accurate whilst protecting the privacy of building users. No video or camera is used in the counting process, ensuring anonymity for all.

The sensor is also able to count large crowds of people, all moving in different directions and is unaffected by environmental conditions such as bright sunshine or shadows.

How to access the data

The people-anonymous data collected can be accessed directly from the sensor or through a cloud-based system if advanced reporting and analytics are required. The cloud platform also enables emails and SMS alerting, and allows for live occupancy data to be viewed across a portfolio of buildings.

Who is Irisys?

Irisys is the largest global provider of people counting and queue management solutions. Irisys, a Fluke company since 2012, has 24 years of experience and has deployed over 500,000 sensors worldwide. Collectively their sensors count over 10 billion people every year and are trusted by global brands such as Kroger, Samsung, and Harley Davidson.