Fluke 2271A Industrial Pressure Calibrator

Model#: 2271A-NPT-HC20 Part#: 4755256 UPC#: 0 95969 81450 8
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Key features

Wide workload coverage for the present and the future

The 2271A features pressure ranges from -100 kPa to 20 MPa (-15 to 3000 psi), which covers the requirements of a wide range of gauges and sensors. Thanks to its modular design, the 2271A enables you to install two modules with different measurement ranges within the same chassis. You can purchase modules to match your current workload now; later, when your workload changes and grows, you can easily add ranges, swapping modules in and out according to your workload. This flexibility enables you to maintain your investment in the 2271A for years to come.

A built-in electrical measurement module (EMM) with HART capabilities enables you to perform closed loop, fully automated calibration on 4-20 mA devices such as smart transmitters, gauges and switches. Just set up the 2271A and then walk away to attend to other tasks.

The EMM supplies 24 V dc loop power for measuring mA and V dc. It has a built-in 250 Ohm resistor that can be toggled on or off, eliminating the need to have an external resistor to enable HART communications.

The 2271A accuracy specifications are provided in full and supported by a Technical Note that details its measurement uncertainty, so you know exactly what you are getting. The Technical Note is available for download on the flukecal.com website. As with all Fluke Calibration instruments, these specifications are conservative, complete and dependable.

Versatile pressure measurement modules

The 2271A uses PM200 Pressure Measurement Modules. These modules use a highly characterized silicon pressure sensor to provide an economical method of making accurate pressure measurements. The 0.02% full scale (FS) specification includes the short-term performance of the module (linearity, hysteresis and repeatability) as well as its long-term stability and the uncertainty of the calibration standard. Users can be confident in the PM200 measurement performance.

Install up to two pressure modules in the 2271A chassis at one time, mixing and matching module ranges to get the combination that best suits your needs. There is no limit to the number of modules that can be used with the system, allowing you to change pressure ranges on the fly to meet your needs. Modules snap in and out quickly and easily through the front of the 2271A; just slide each into a specially-designed track and tighten the knob until you hear it click into place. The click tells you the module is safely in place; a special anti-torque guard on the knob prevents over-tightening so you never have to wonder if you tightened it too much or not enough.

Each module uses an enhanced face-seal design that has been leak tested to pressures three times higher than the maximum working pressure. You don’t have to worry about a leak in the system affecting your ability to measure and control pressure.

Conveniently located dual test ports and reference port

Dual test ports on the top of the 2271A let you easily mount two devices under test (DUTs). You can potentially double your throughput without spending time searching for fittings and tees. The vertical test ports let you easily connect analog dial gauges without the need for additional test stands or manifolds. Two test port types are supported, the standard HC20 or the P3000 test port. Both types of test ports enable you to make hand tight connections to traditional NPT, BSP, or metric pressure fittings. The HC20 test port includes easy grip features and integral support for M20 connections, whereas the P3000 style test port provides backwards compatibility for users of Fluke Calibration P3000 deadweight testers or P5500 pressure comparators.

A reference port is also located on top of the 2271A for applications that require an atmospheric reference.

Safety features protect operators and instruments

Each measurement module, as well as the main chassis, has pressure relief valves to protect the instrument and its operators from accidental overpressure. The 2271A has been designed using Sound Engineering Practices (SEP). With the internal relief valves, user-settable pressure limits, and emergency abort button, safety is the highest priority.

Preventing contamination

If your workload includes devices that contain different substances like water, oil and gas, you could be at risk for contamination—something getting into your system that isn’t supposed to be there. Contamination can clog a calibrator’s valves, wear out its parts, and make it difficult to maintain pressure. If the contamination gets into the sensor, it can actually change the calibrator’s behavior and throw off your readings. If contamination is a concern to you, order the optional Contamination Prevention System (CPS) to help keep the calibrator’s valves clean and free from debris.

The CPS provides an unprecedented level of protection by maintaining uni-directional flow away from the controller, a gravity sump system, and a two-stage filtering system.

Automated Pressure Testing: Automate with COMPASS® software for improved consistency and throughput

Fluke Calibration COMPASS for Pressure software is designed specifically for pressure calibration. It enables you to automate the 2271A and run complete automated pressure testing calibration sequences on single or multiple devices under test. COMPASS software removes the unknowns often associated with getting automated systems online. The 2271A also features a full remote interface that enables you to use it with custom software or other data acquisition equipment. Details about the interface are provided in the 2271A User Manual.

CarePlans help you manage cost of ownership

Reduce downtime and control your cost of ownership with a CarePlan. Fluke Calibration offers one-year, three-year and five-year Priority Gold CarePlans, which feature an annual standard or accredited calibration of your 6270A calibrator with guaranteed six-day in-house turnaround1 , plus free repairs with guaranteed ten-day in-house repair (includes calibration). One-year, three-year, and five-year Silver CarePlans are available for those customers who only want extended warranty coverage.

We’re here to help

Fluke Calibration’s testing, repair and calibration services are dedicated to filling your needs quickly and at a fair cost while maintaining the unmatched level of quality that is our trademark. Our pressure calibration laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. We maintain global calibration and repair facilities to help you keep your hardware in top working order.

Product overview: Fluke 2271A Industrial Pressure Calibrator

Everything you need to calibrate and test pressure transmitters and gauges, all in one box

The Fluke Calibration 2271A Industrial Pressure Calibrator provides a complete, automated pressure testing solution for calibrating a wide variety of pressure gauges and sensors. Thanks to its modular design, it can be configured to meet different needs and budgets, and expanded to cover a broad workload.

The 2271A is ideal for calibration laboratories starting out in pressure calibration because it offers wide pressure measurement capabilities in a single instrument. Everything you need for calibrating pressure is included; just connect supply pressure. And your investment will stand the test of time: as your workload grows and changes, the 2271A can grow and change too. Just add measurement modules.

The 2271A is also a great fit for labs that currently calibrate pressure transmitters and gauges and want to expand their capabilities or make their processes more efficient. This instrument is easy to set up and use, so you don’t have to reserve it for your most experienced technicians. The built in electrical measurement and programmable tasks provide full automation, helping your lab run more efficiently.

If you are concerned about contamination from workload coming in from the field, the 2271A is a good choice for you as well. Its optional Contamination Prevention System (CPS) provides an important safeguard against that pervasive hazard.

A graphical user interface in your choice of ten languages and an intuitive menu structure, as well as an intuitive hardware design, make the 2271A remarkably easy to learn and to use.

2271A features at a glance

  • Calibrate a wide range of gauges and sensors with a single instrument
  • Wide measurement range from -100 kPa to 20 MPa (-15 to 3000 psi)
  • Removable pressure measurement modules make it easy to change or add measurement ranges
  • Integrated electrical measurement module with HART communication provides a complete solution for calibrating pressure transmitters
  • Built-in dual test ports enable you to connect multiple devices under test (DUTs)
  • 0.02 % FS pressure measurement uncertainty
  • Localized graphical user interface in choice of ten languages

Specifications: Fluke 2271A Industrial Pressure Calibrator

General  specifications
Power requirements0 V ac to 240 V ac, 47 Hz to 63 Hz
FuseT2A 250 V ac
Max power consumption100 W
Operating ambient temperature range15 °C to 35 °C
Storage temperature-20 °C to 70 °C
Relative humidityOperating: <80 % to 30 °C, <70 % to 35 °C
Storage: <95 %, non-condensing. A power stabilization period of four days may be required after extended storage at high temperature and humidity.
VibrationMIL-T-28800D CLASS 3
Altitude (Operation)<2000 m
Ingress protectionIEC 60529: IP20
SafetyIEC 61010-1, Installation Category II, Pollution degree 2
Warmup time15 minutes typical
Weight (chassis only)15 kg (33.06 lbs)
DimensionsHeight: 2271A-NPT-HC20 305 mm (12 in)
2271A-BSP-HC20 305 mm (12 in)
2271A-NPT-P3K 237 mm (9.33 in)
2271A-BSP-P3K 237 mm (9.33 in)
Width: 442 mm (17.40 in)
Depth: 446 mm (17.55 in)
Control specifications
Control Precision (Dynamic Mode)PM200-BG2.5K0.005% Range Span
All other ranges0.001 % Range Span
Control turndown10:1 (Typical)
Low control point1 kPa (0.15 psi) absolute
Control turndown is defined as the relationship between the provided supply pressure and the appropriate supply pressure for the range. For example, a unit with a 7 MPa (1000 psi) and 700 kPa range (100 psi) with a supply pressure of 7.7 MPa (1100 psi) provides control precision of 0.001 % range because 7 MPa is 10 times greater than 700 kPa. A system with ranges of 20 MPa (3000 psi) and 700 kPa (100 psi) with supply pressure of 22 MPa (3300 psi) will have 0.001 % range control precision on the 20 MPa range but only 0.003 % control precision on the 700 kPa range. Control precision of 0.001 % on the low range can be achieved by reducing the supply pressure.
Supply pressure requirements Clean dry air or nitrogen (industrial grade, 99.5 %)
Maximum particulate contamination≤ 1.25 micrometer (50 microinches)
Maximum moisture content-50 °C dew point
Maximum hydrocarbon content30 ppm
Interface/ communications
Primary remote interfacesEthernet, RS232, USB
Electrical Measurement Module  (EMM)
ConnectionStandard 4 mm jack
Maximum 30 V dc w.r.t. chassis ground
Aux drivers4 external solenoid drivers
24 V dc. 100 % duty cycle when turned, reducing to 40 % shortly after.
Pressure measurement specifications
PM200  Modules
ModelRange (SI units)Range (Imperial units)Measurement mode1 year specification
PM200-BG2.5K-2.5 kPa to 2.5 kPa-10 inH₂0 to 10 inH₂0gauge0.20 %
PM200-BG35K-35 kPa to 35 kPa-5 psi to 5 psigauge0.05 %
PM200-BG40K-40 kPa to 40 kPa-6 psi to 6 psigauge0.05 %
PM200-BG60K-60 kPa to 60 kPa-9 psi to 9 psigauge0.05 %
PM200-A100K2 kPa to 100 kPa0.3 psi to 15 psiabsolute0.10 %
PM200-BG100K-100 kPa to 100 kPa-15 psi to 15 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-A200K2 kPa to 200 kPa0.3 psi to 30 psiabsolute0.10 %
PM200-BG200K-100 kPa to 200 kPa-15 psi to 30 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-BG250K-100 kPa to 250 kPa-15 psi to 36 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G400K0 kPa to 400 kPa0 psi to 60 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G700K0 kPa to 700 kPa0 psi to 100 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G1M0 MPa to 1 MPa0 psi to 150 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G1.4M0 MPa to 1.4 MPa0 psi to 200 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G2M0 MPa to 2 MPa0 psi to 300 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G2.5M0 MPa to 2.5 MPa0 psi to 360 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G3.5M0 MPa to 3.5 MPa0 psi to 500 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G4M0 MPa to 4 MPa0 psi to 580 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G7M0 MPa to 7 MPa0 psi to 1000 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G10M0 MPa to 10 MPa0 psi to 1500 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G14M0 MPa to 14 MPa0 psi to 2000 psigauge0.02 %
PM200-G20M0 MPa to 20 MPa0 to 3000 psigauge0.02 %

Models: Fluke 2271A Industrial Pressure Calibrator

Industrial Pressure Calibrator Chassis, NPT Manifold, HC20 Test Port Connections
Part#: 4755256
UPC#: 0 95969 81450 8
Industrial Pressure Calibrator Chassis, NPT Manifold, P3000 Test Port Connections
Part#: 4755274
UPC#: 0 95969 81452 2
Pressure Calibrator, NPT, PM200-G20M, 20 MPA (3000 PSI)
Part#: 4917840
UPC#: 0 95969 85608 9
Pressure Calibrator, NPT, PM200-G7M, 7 MPA (1000 PSI)
Part#: 4917857
UPC#: 0 95969 85609 6
Pressure Calibrator, NPT, PM200-G2M, 2 MPA (300 PSI)
Part#: 4917869
UPC#: 0 95969 85610 2
Pressure Calibrator ,NPT, PM200-G20M/BG250K, 20 MPA (3000 PSI)
Part#: 4917878
UPC#: 0 95969 85611 9
Pressure Calibrator, NPT, PM200-G20M/G2M, 20 MPA (3000 PSI)
Part#: 4917884
UPC#: 0 95969 85612 6
Pressure Calibrator, NPT, PM200-G2M/BG200K, 2 MPA (300 PSI)
Part#: 4917891
UPC#: 0 95969 85613 3
Pressure Calibrator, NPT, PM200-BG200K/BG2.5K, 200 KPA (30 PSI)
Part#: 4917905
UPC#: 0 95969 85614 0
Pressure Calibrator, NPT, PM200-G7M/G700K, 7 MPA (1000 PSI)
Part#: 4917910
UPC#: 0 95969 85615 7
Pressure Calibrator, NPT, PM200-G2M/A100K, 2 MPA (300 PSI)
Part#: 4917922
UPC#: 0 95969 85616 4
Pressure Calibrator, NPT, PM200-G2M/BG100K, 2 MPA (300 PSI)
Part#: 4917931
UPC#: 0 95969 85617 1
Pressure Measurement Module, -2.5 to 2.5 kPa (-10 to 10 inH2O)  
Part#: 4363844
UPC#: 0 95969 67734 9
Pressure Measurement Module, -35 to 35 kPa (-5 to 5 psi) gauge 
Part#: 4363859
UPC#: 0 95969 67735 6
Pressure Measurement Module, -40 to 40 kPa (-6 to 6 psi) gauge
Part#: 4380037
UPC#: 0 95969 68206 0
Pressure Measurement Module, 100 kPa (15 psi) absolute
Part#: 4363867
UPC#: 0 95969 67736 3
Pressure Measurement Module, -100 to 100 kPa (-15 to 15 psi) gauge
Part#: 4363871
UPC#: 0 95969 67737 0
Pressure Measurement Module, 200 kPa (30 psi) absolute
Part#: 4363880
UPC#: 0 95969 67738 7
Pressure Measurement Module, -100 to 200 kPa (-15 to 30 psi) gauge
Part#: 4363898
UPC#: 0 95969 67739 4
Pressure Measurement Module, -100 to 250 kPa (-15 to 36 psi) gauge
Part#: 4380055
UPC#: 0 95969 68207 7
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 400 kPa (0 to 60 psi) gauge
Part#: 4363906
UPC#: 0 95969 67740 0
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 700 kPa (0 to 100 psi) gauge
Part#: 4363914
UPC#: 0 95969 67741 7
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 1 MPa (0 to 150 psi) gauge
Part#: 4380062
UPC#: 0 95969 68208 4
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 1.4 MPa (0 to 200 psi) gauge
Part#: 4363923
UPC#: 0 95969 67742 4
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 2 MPa (0 to 300 psi) gauge
Part#: 4363938
UPC#: 0 95969 67743 1
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 2.5 MPa (0 to 360 psi) gauge
Part#: 4380070
UPC#: 0 95969 68209 1
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 3.5 MPa (0 to 500 psi) gauge
Part#: 4363945
UPC#: 0 95969 67744 8
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 4 MPa (0 to 580 psi) gauge
Part#: 4380081
UPC#: 0 95969 68210 7
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 7 MPa (0 to 1000 psi) gauge
Part#: 4363950
UPC#: 0 95969 67745 5
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 10 MPa (0 to 1500 psi) gauge
Part#: 4363961
UPC#: 0 95969 67746 2
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 14 MPa (0 to 2000 psi) gauge
Part#: 4363977
UPC#: 0 95969 67747 9
Pressure Measurement Module, 0 to 20 MPa (0 to 3000 psi) gauge 
Part#: 4363989
UPC#: 0 95969 67748 6
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