Four reasons a compact thermal camera is your secret weapon

Thermal imaging

A compact thermal camera is a great product to create your first line of defense for easy troubleshooting. Keeping up with regular inspections can help you stop running until breaking and start preventing fires before they happen. And when something does break down, a small thermal camera gives you the opportunity to know more about the problem before calling in backup.

When looking for a thermal camera to keep with you all the time, pay attention to these four features:


1. Small enough to carry around

A compact thermal camera needs to do just that; fit in your pocket. This is a tool you want to be able to carry with you, throw it in your tool bag, slip it in your pocket and have it there when you need it. The PTi120 is both small and lightweight, making it easy to keep with you all the time. It’s your secret little weapon for easy troubleshooting.

2. Powerful enough for quick temperature scans

You want to be sure you’re carrying a thermal camera that will help you pinpoint possible issues with equipment. The photos need to be high enough quality that you can see what’s happening. Plus, don’t forget about the temperatures the camera can detect. The PTi120’s temperature range is -20°C to 150°C with a 3.5” screen offering IR-Fusion overlay. It’s both simple and fast to check your equipment.

3. Asset tagging

If you just take the thermal image and move on, what are the chances you’ll forget where it was before the end of the day? With Fluke Connect Asset Tagging you can upload additional photos or scan QR codes around the are to remind you where the image was taken. You can keep everything organized on the camera and off.

4. Robust enough to get through the days

With an IP54 enclosure rating and a 1-meter drop survival, the PTi120 was built to be tossed in your tool bag. Not only is it small enough to fit without displacing other tools, but it’s also robust enough to be jostled around a little bit.

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