The Power Generation Process from Plant to Distribution

Predictive maintenance

If you work in power generation you face challenges such as preventing downtime, testing safety systems, troubleshooting process interruption with immediate response and repair, testing leak rate, and increasing throughput. Many tools—digital multimeters, vitration tools, thermal imagers—can help you; we highlight process tools here.

Multifunction and loop calibrators

  • Troubleshooting and calibrating 4–20 mA loops, temperature, pressure and frequency input instruments
  • Documenting the performance of temperature and calibration pressure switches and transmitters

Temperature calibration tools

  • Troubleshooting and calibrating temperature instrumentation
  • Testing temperature sensors
  • Measuring and sourcing thermocouples and RTDs, plus volts and ohms into control system I/O

Pressure calibration tools

  • Calibrating pressure transmitters, gauges, and switches
  • Maintaining almost any pressure device using pressure sourcing and milliamp measurements
  • Calibrating P/I instruments with simultaneous pressure and current measurement

Learn more about process calibration tools at www.fluke.com\Process Calibration Tools

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