Turning electricians into power quality detectives in data centers

Power quality

Andy Burke, warehouse manager for Titan Electric, shares how his company uses the Fluke 1735 Three-Phase Power Quality Logger.

Founded in 2001 the Bellevue-based, Titan Electric serves customers all across Washington state.

Their expertise runs the gamut of electrical testing and maintenance scenarios, from replacing residential light switches to power quality studies in data centers. Their five Bellevue warehouse employees handle all deliveries, materials, tools, and prefab. In addition, Titan Electric has 250 more employees, split between their office and the field.


“Labor is what makes or breaks us. Anything that saves the time is worth the money,”
said warehouse manager Andy Burke.


Titan Electric used the Fluke 1735 (see the new model Fluke 1738 Power Quality Logger) for managing energy studies at data centers. It makes their business more efficient.

For example, when upgrading space in a Seattle facility, it is a requirement for electrical teams to show a study of the power draw. To do this, they hook up the Fluke 1735 to conduct and submit an initial seven-day report for a quick snapshot, then culminate with a full 30-day report. These precise reports allow them to present power quality over time to city officials. When asked why his company choose to use the Fluke 1735, Burke said:

“It saves us time [and] takes the detective work out of it. We can tell you exactly when and where you’re having problems. The reports are pre-made; you just hit a couple buttons and you’re good to go.”

Note: For more comprehensive power quality and energy studies, try the newer Fluke 1738 Advanced Power Logger Fluke 1738 Advanced Power Logger.

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