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By: Jacek Karpol-Nawrocki and Christian Beham, Professional Service Managers at Fluke Reliability

Fluke Mobile is a software application optimized for mobile workers using the IBM Maximo EAM platform. By integrating Fluke Mobile with your Maximo system, you enable maintenance teams to respond to corrective maintenance requests and work orders in a single workflow on a tablet or smartphone.

The seamless integration of unplanned and planned maintenance requests on a mobile device helps organizations optimize resources and make more informed decisions based on accurate and real-time information.

Imagine having information at your fingertips to answer these common maintenance management questions:

  • How long does it take for engineers to respond to a corrective maintenance request?
  • How long does it take an engineer to reach problematic assets? And what is the associated fix time?
  • How many unnecessary journeys around the plant or between facilities are taken?
  • What is the time delay between a fault, fix, and the central system being updated?
  • How many visits are made to the same faulty asset to carry out either unplanned or planned work requests?

Fluke Mobile provides answers to these questions through its integration with Maximo that manages both planned and unplanned maintenance tasks, either in the field or on the shop floor. Thus, it allows maintenance teams to troubleshoot planned work orders, conduct routine maintenance, and complete preventative inspection routes.

It adds value by allowing field engineers to support a production process according to a pre-defined workflow. Features include the ability to consolidate work orders, corrective or planned, from Maximo into a single streamlined User Interface. This capability allows a user to monitor and access multiple sources of information remotely both in real-time and offline.

Calculate task time and retrieve historical system information

Fluke Mobile distributes and executes maintenance work orders as well as transferring and displaying maintenance activities.

Maintenance staff members report actual time spent on a task via their mobile device and connect to Maximo to obtain historical system information. This capability gives maintenance engineers access to critical information, reducing the time spent repairing faults and maintaining automated production systems, remotely from anywhere within the facility. It cuts maintenance time as well as the amount of administrative work required because an engineer can review scheduled maintenance while responding to a corrective maintenance alert and potentially resolve two tasks in a single visit. As a result, the number of repeat visits is reduced, saving time on the job and resource costs.

Fluke is working with customers from a diverse range of industries, allowing their production assets to be monitored and maintained using a mobile device from anywhere inside or outside the facility, connecting to an existing Wi-Fi or mobile network or even work offline.

Available modules of Fluke Mobile that can enhance the Maximo workflow include Mobile Work Management (create, update, and assign work orders from the field), Mobile Calibrations (record calibration data from anywhere), and Mobile Inventory Management (view and issue spare parts on a mobile device).

Overall benefits of these Fluke Mobile modules include:

  • Increased staff efficiency with no increase in resources
  • Reduced administration time both during and after the event
  • Record labor and spare parts from anywhere to ensure Maximo is always up to date while eliminating time wasted
  • Fast response time to unplanned events
  • Shorter fix times
  • Reduced asset downtime
  • Improved service KPIs
  • Delivery of ROI and significant cost reduction within months

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