Connect to Your Assets – Integrate eMaint CMMS Software and Fluke Connect Sensors

Condition monitoring

You’ve seen dominos elaborately lined up where with the tap of a finger, a chain reaction begins. As each piece connects and falls against the other, a picture starts to appear. That’s one way to envision what’s possible when you integrate Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring (FCCM) data with eMaint Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software. You get a running view and comprehensive picture of maintenance activity and asset health all in one place.

Start layering the connections

Begin with eMaint CMMS software, which provides a place to store asset data in one place. You can use the system to:

  • Monitor and maintain assets
  • Improve processes and procedures
  • Streamline PMs, work requests, and work orders
  • Generate critical reports based on KPIs
  • Decrease reactive maintenance and increase predictive maintenance
  • Improve uptime; decrease downtime and much more

Whether uploading existing data from multiple sources or streaming it wirelessly from a remote monitoring sensor, once the data is input into the eMaint CMMS, the software will help you align, organize, and categorize the information.

After culling and analyzing the data, create a baseline with the asset maintenance history. Use it to:

  • Identify declining equipment performance trends
  • Anticipate future asset behaviors
  • Take corrective actions before assets fail
  • Uncover root causes

Ramp things up with continuous remote data

Wirelessly and continuously stream asset performance data to the eMaint CMMS via the Fluke 3561 FC remote monitoring vibration sensor or 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor. Program the CMMS software to trigger an alarm if a sensor detects a change in asset condition, such as an increase in vibration. An alert will be automatically sent to a team member’s smart device or desktop computer.

The real-time information allows key personnel time to plan and make informed data-driven decisions rather than reactive ones. Additionally, the continuous real-time data can be effective in capturing intermittent equipment issues that might be difficult to catch using handheld tools during regular preventive maintenance routes.

Add sensors, add safety

Remote condition monitoring sensors also add a layer of safety. Once the sensors are placed, technicians can view the cloud-based data from a distance using a smart device and avoid having to enter hazardous or dangerous hard to reach areas.

The picture of health

By integrating Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring with eMaint Computer Maintenance Management Software, you gain a more comprehensive picture of maintenance activity and asset health, and the opportunity to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). With eMaint flexible CMMS software and scalable FCCM solutions, you’re on your way to connected reliability. Learn more

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