Using Fluke's Hydra Series II Dataloggers with MET/TEMP II

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Q. How does the Hydra need to be configured to be used with MET/TEMP II?

A. When using a Hydra Series II Dataglogger with MET/TEMP II, you must enable and configure each channel manually, before starting a calibration, to read the appropriate scale. When a calibration test starts, MET/TEMP II will send a command to the Hydra to enable scanning. The Hydra MUST be left scanning all enabled channels for the duration of the test for MET/TEMP II to be able to take readings on all enabled channels. When the test is complete, MET/TEMP II turns the scan function off.

Q. I calibrated some probes using the Hydra, but when I print the Report of Calibration, "No Reading" is printed in the UUT column. Why did this happen?

A. This problem usually indicates that the channel was not properly configured before the test started. This could also indicate that the probe was not properly connected to the channel. Verify the Hydra's channel configuration and the probe connection. Manually make sure the display of the Hydra indicates the appropriate reading for each channel prior to starting a test.

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