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Q. Can I use MET/TEMP II to perform calibrations using fixed-point cells?

A. Yes. MET/TEMP II now supports using fixed-point cells. Because fixed-point cells typically allow a single probe to be inserted at a time, MET/TEMP II prompts you at the appropriate times to insert one UUT into the cell, counts down a user-defined soak time, then takes readings from that UUT. This process repeats for all UUTs.

Q. Can I mix fixed-points set-points and comparison set-points on the same calibration?

A. Fixed-point set-points can be mingled with comparison set-points, or MET/TEMP II can be configured to perform fixed-point only calibrations.

Q. What fixed-point cells can be used with MET/TEMP II?

A. MET/TEMP II ships with a list of all fixed-point cells that Hart manufactures. You are simply required to enter the serial number of your cell before it can be used. You can add support for as many fixed-point cells as you want. Simply fill in the model, serial number, manufacturer, description, method of realization, reference temperature and dates (optional) and add it to your list. Since MET/TEMP II cannot actually differentiate between a fixed-point cell and a cup of ice, this feature can prove very useful for adding support for many types of fixed temperature heat sources such as the Hart Model 9101 Ice Point or a bath or furnace that constantly operates at one temperature.

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