MET/TEAM Remote Training and Startup Assistance

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As an option to in-person training at your site, we selectively offer virtual training and installation services. This remote option includes 40 hours of virtual assistance over a span of up to 10 business days. While we would prefer working with you on-site, this can provide your team with the required assistance to become operational with MET/TEAM software without having to wait for on-site availability.

What we cover

During the Training and Startup Assistance Program, your MET/TEAM software expert will work directly with you and your team through screen sharing software to cover core skills of using the MET/TEAM asset management software such as:

  • Workflow                                       
    • Receiving assets
    • Working on assets
    • Returning assets
  • Asset entry
  • Asset service types
  • Procedure creation
  • File attachment
  • Facility and contact entry
  • Recall reporting and alerting
  • MET/TEAM administration
    • Technician work assignment
    • User setup
    • Interface customization to match your business terms
    • Security features
    • Custom reporting

Prior to the training, your MET/TEAM software expert will meet with you to customize the above curriculum to meet your company’s unique needs and interests.  Common additional  topics often include:

  • Tool assignments
  • Problem reporting
  • Manual template datasheets
  • Basic Crystal Report creation
  • Job number accounts
  • Customer billing, quoting, and contract pricing
  • Parts inventory tracking
  • Data importing
  • Shipment tracking
  • Customer Portal
  • MET/CAL Runtime configuration and basics

Program requirements

  • Ability to join a MS Teams virtual meeting through the Teams desktop or web application.
    • We support computer and phone dial in audio.
    • Able to share the desktop of your computer running MET/TEAM software
    • For groups, members may join from their individual workstations, or gather in a single conference room to view together.
  • Pre-installation of MET/TEAM software. This allows maximum value of our training time.
  • (Recommended) Web camera support to maximize interaction between your team and our MET/TEAM software expert

Going forward

If your organization is looking to move forward with improving your asset and calibration lab management, Fluke Calibration is ready to help you accomplish that. With our 40 hours of virtual training and assistance, we aim to give your lab the tools and knowledge for a streamlined and efficient MET/TEAM software experience.

To learn more or to request a free price quote, please contact Fluke Calibration's Training Team by completing this short form. Do you have a MET/SUPPORT Gold membership? Please have your membership number available when you contact us so we can include the savings in your price quote.

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