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Q. Why are the menus not very responsive when the software is logging real-time data?

A. When LogWare is logging real-time data, priority is given to the logging process over any other process. On some slower computers (typically Pentium® 100MHz or slower machines) this may cause the menus to be less responsive than normal, especially when logging data at 1 or 2 second intervals. On most faster computers, the menus should be fairly responsive even when logging data at a 1 second interval.

Q. Why are there no COM ports listed in the COM ports drop-down list?

A. Only COM ports that the operating system reports as being available are listed in the drop-down list. If no COM ports are listed, there may be another application running that is currently using a COM port. Close all other applications and reboot the computer if necessary. If you have a PDA hot sync adapter connected to the computer, make sure the hot sync manager software is not running!!

Q. Does LogWare II allow data to be acquired in different scales?

A. Yes. LogWare II was designed primarily to acquire temperature data, but it can be configured to acquire resistance, voltage, ratio, W and temperature data simultaneously! How to do this is explained in detail in the User's Guide and online help.

Q. Can LogWare II be configured to start a real-time log session when I am away?

A. Yes. LogWare II has a feature called Delayed Start which allows you to specify the date and time that a real-time log session should begin. Simply configure the log session, set the delayed start date and time, and start the log session. LogWare will wait until the specified date and time to begin acquiring data.

Q. Can LogWare II be configured to stop a real-time log session automatically?

A. Yes. LogWare II can be configured to automatically stop acquiring data after a specified number of readings, after a specified amount of time has elapsed, or to continue acquiring data until stopped manually by the user.

Q. What kind of tools and utilities does LogWare II provide for working with thermometer readouts?

A. LogWare II provides utilities to view the status of thermometer readout logs and to download logged data from the memory or logs of the supported thermometer readouts. Also, tools for synchronizing the thermometer readout's clock, setting logging labels and accessing thermometer readout settings, calibration constants and parameters, probe serial numbers, conversion types and coefficients are provided.

Q. Can I take the data that LogWare II acquires and import it into other software?

A. LogWare II stores all of the data that it acquires or downloads in ASCII text files that can be easily imported into spreadsheet or other analysis software.

Q. Can I configure LogWare II to prevent my technicians from changing critical thermometer readout and probe calibration settings?

A. LogWare II can be configured to prevent anyone from changing certain software settings by using an administrator passcode. Once an administrator passcode is setup, some of LogWare II's settings cannot be changed unless the administrator passcode is entered. Also, LogWare II protects certain thermometer readout and probe conversion settings by implementing the passcode protection that is inherent in the thermometer readouts. These settings cannot be changed without first entering the thermometer readout passcode.

Q. I downloaded the demo version of LogWare II and I like it and want to buy it. What do I need to do?

A. If you are currently using a demo version of LogWare II and want to purchase it, please contact an Application Specialist or Customer Service representative. They can take your order and, upon approval of payment method, provide you with a serial number (or unlock code) that can be used to convert the demo version into the full working version of LogWare II using the Unlock option in the Help menu. Hart will also send you a User's Guide and CD-ROM.

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